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How to Live in the Car?

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Anything can happen, a personal financial collapse or a global disaster, but it can also happen that you have to live in your car for a while. Regardless of the reasons for this unfortunate situation, it is safe to say that living in a car is not easy.

Nevertheless, there may come a day when the decision to live in a car is the most viable option for your survival. If that day ever comes, reading this guide to living in your car will help you remember the moment you read this article and smile because we will look at some ways how to survive living in your car more comfortable and as tolerable as possible. Before we begin, it’s important to note that every situation is different, and the strategies you should employ if you live in your car for financial reasons will be very different from those you would employ if you live in your car because the whole world has gone to hell and your home is no longer a safe place or any place at all. We will look at a wide range of tips that may or may not apply to the situation you are preparing for. Please make a note of this in advance.

What’s Important When You Live in a Car? First of All, Keep Your Head Down!

Living in a car is not something illegal, but that does not mean that you should attract the attention of people passing by and, ultimately, the attention of police officers. For several reasons, it’s best to avoid such attention as much as possible. Start by covering your car windows with approved tinting, cool if you have car blinds installed, if none of that is available, just put some dirt or snow on the windows. It’s a pretty obvious living in your car tip, but it can bail you out in a big way and even save your life.

At night, if you use a flashlight or other light source inside your car, you’ll have to consider closing your windows tightly, otherwise, you’ll attract attention about as much as a Christmas tree on a Mayday.

How and Where Do You Park Your Car If You Plan to Spend the Night There?

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Another important aspect of your safety is to be careful when parking. First, never park in the same spot more than once a week. If this condition is met, the best place to park is in apartment complexes. People come and go from their apartments quite often, and most people who live there don’t know all their neighbors and don’t know all their neighbors’ cars like they do in the private sector and suburbs. Also, large parking lots near stores that are open 24 hours are another relatively safe place to park.

It is easy and safe enough to eat in the cabin of your car, even if the food you can prepare will be quite limited. Using the toilet is just as easy, just drive to the gas station. However, regular personal hygiene can be a big problem with a neat appearance is the line that separates you, an ordinary citizen, from the powerless homeless. This is where out-of-town gas stations can be the solution. Some of them have cheap showers, which are usually used by truckers. If you can afford it (or if you still have a valid membership), buying a fitness club card would be the most comfortable way to maintain your hygiene while living in the car and even allow you to wash your underwear.

How to Entertain Yourself in the Car?

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Life in a car is not as romantic as one might think and can be a real challenge to your mental health. To keep yourself sane, plan as much entertainment as possible. Having a radio in your car is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. You can listen to music, news, talk shows, and anything else you can tune in to. Getting a library card is another good option. It won’t cost you nearly anything, and you can still read books and magazines. If the library is advanced, you can download audiobooks that you can listen to in your car and movies that you can watch from your tablet or smartphone.

Having a library card will also allow you to access the Internet when the library is open. You can even charge your phone, laptop, and other electronics while surfing the web. Likewise, if your appearance permits, you can spend time in places like the coffee shop. For the price of a coffee, you can spend hours in a coffee shop using their Wi-Fi. The main thing to remember is that there is much more to life than just surviving, and people shouldn’t have been sitting in the car doing nothing all day.

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