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How to Open Bottle without Bottle Opener: Read Article to Be Informed about This!

Every person once had such a situation as opening a bottle without an opener.

Open bottles without an opener is not a skill that must be acquired at any cost. But suddenly it will come in handy. For example, to show off “talents” in front of friends and succeed in this business as a real guru. An open beer without a bottle opener? Easily. All you need is a couple of handy tools.

Let’s agree right away that we won’t open the bottle with our teeth. And we will also leave the new iPhone alone, although it is able to withstand not such “loads”.

Ways to Open a Beer Bottle Can Be Different, So If You Want to Know What Are They, Here Is a List of Bottle Opening Hacks:

ways to open a beer bottle

Another Bottle

You need to grasp with your right hand (if you are right-handed) the neck of the bottle that you are going to open, then press it firmly with the bottom to the table or to any other hard, flat surface. So, how to open a bottle without a bottle opener? With your other hand, grasp the neck of the second bottle and turn it over. Place the edge of the cap of the second bottle under the edge of the first. Using the second bottle as a lever to open the first one.

A Sheet of Paper

A sheet of A4 size, a newspaper, a page of a notebook or magazine, or even a banknote at the very least, will do. The thicker the better. Fold the sheet in half as many times as you can. Further instructions are the same as when opening with a lighter. If the paper is thin, it may take several tries, loosen the edges of the cork from different sides.

The disadvantage is that suitable paper is not always at hand, especially in nature.

Door Frame and Table

One of the bottles opening tricks that can help you! How to open a beer bottle without a bottle opener? You need to find a solid foothold to knock the cap off the neck. A worktop with a jamb is just right for this purpose.

Press the edge of the lid against a hard surface at an angle of approximately 30 °. We hold the bottle with one hand, with the other we hit the lid. Perhaps, without a practiced skill, you will have to hit 2 or even 3 times. What pitfalls are there? First, you might scratch the jamb or countertop. Therefore, we brag about our skills only if we don’t feel sorry for the table or the joint. And secondly, the beer can foam from the blow – then you will have to wash everything around. And be careful – the edge of the bottle is quite capable of breaking off from the blow. It does not hurt to inspect the glass before starting the tasting.

Scissors can be a bottle opener alternative also.

Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation – there are a couple of cool beer bottles and scissors. No openers, no lighters, or even keys. Consider yourself lucky. Scissors make opening a bottle of beer a breeze. We open the scissors blades and place them tightly under the cover. Now pull the handles down a bit, squeezing the blades slightly. It turns out something like a lever.

Be careful not to cut yourself.

Нow to Open a Beer Bottle with Keys?

bottle opener substitute

Keys and Lighter

These two are the most sought-after items when it comes to undiscovered beer, and there is no dedicated bottle opener at hand. Surely someone in the company will have one or the other.

How to open a beer with a lighter or keys? Lifehack works according to one principle. We firmly take the bottle by the neck and then pry off the lid with a lighter or key. Done, you can enjoy the foam.


What to do to open a bottle without a bottle opener when you have a ring? Of course, opening a beer with a wedding ring is not very romantic. And nevertheless, the life hack works. But it won’t do without scratches on the metal. And thin rings will bend altogether. In some cases, it is better not to risk expensive jewelry, but to look for another way.

But if the decision is unshakable, let’s proceed. We push the teeth of the lid to the top of the ring (which is on the inside of the palm). Cover the neck with your hand and pull to the side. Done. The Leverage Rule is back in action.


If you have a mostly unnecessary CD at hand, you can use it as a bottle opener substitute.

What are we doing? Or we try to remove the cover using a round hole in the middle of the disc – everything is like in the case of a ring, keys or a lighter. Or we put on a real show. We hold the bottle with one hand, and the disc with the other. And we try to knock them off the cover. Do not hesitate – we swing and hit the bottom of the cork with the edge of the disc.

This life hack will succeed if the movements are clear and sharp. But there is a risk that the beer will foam.

Things to Use as a Bottle Opener

bottle opening tricks

With a Fork

Using a fork, you can pry the teeth of the cap and remove it from the bottle. A fork or flat-head screwdriver works well here. Pry one of the prongs with the tip of a fork, push to bend it, and move on to the next.

With a Staple Remover

Of course, this is a strange trick, but it can also come in handy if you have a staple remover at hand. Using the teeth of the staple remover, pry the cover on both sides and, holding it firmly, pull the cover-up.

If you will have a question about what to use as a bottle opener it can be even a nail clipper.

Press the wire cutters against the bottle cap by engaging the serrated edge and pulling upward. Lift the teeth of the cover-up in this way and it will open.

With a Hammer

Here we need a hammer with a sharp forked end. Pry the edge of the lid with it. You can push back the teeth one by one, or try to remove the cover in one fell swoop.

With an Elastic Band or Fabric

The last method is to wrap the lid tightly with an elastic band, providing yourself with a grip and rotating the lid. If there is no elastic band, you can just as well use a cloth.

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