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How to Remove Tattoo?

removing fresh tattoo

The contemptuous attitude towards tattoos was replaced by the desire to decorate the body with mysterious images. It is not for nothing that such a ritual was performed 6 thousand years ago: the drawing protected the vulnerable soul from magic influence, changed its fate. Deciding on a tattoo, a person seems to be crossing a certain line because a simple drawing adds activity to life.

But it happens that the tattoo irritates, dislikes, enters into dissonance with a changed worldview, and the removal of the body drawing is a painful procedure. The technologies are not in place: there are ways to remove tattoo with a lower threshold of painful sensations.

The Best Ways to Remove the Tattoo

chemical tattoo removal


If you don’t like individual elements (wings, petals, name of the person with whom nothing else connects), the easiest way: add a few details. Sometimes over the drawing is almost completely filled with new tattoos. It is less painful than to reduce the tattoo “whirlpool, and then fill a new one in the same place.

Deep Mechanical Peeling (Grinding)

A coarse brush removes the epidermis and part of the dermis to the level of the pigment, like sandpaper. The session is painless because it is carried out under anesthesia: if there is a health problem or allergy to medications – do not forget to warn the master.

Surgical Removal of the Tattoo

A medical instrument is used with a dermatome, which removes the skin no more than necessary. The surface heals more evenly, but the rough scar tissue is still formed. Unnecessary is removed (if desired) in the following procedures.

Chemical Tattoo Removal

Do not confuse cosmetic diluted fruit acids in a tube with caustic alkalis and acids. And do not try to reduce the tattoo yourself in this way. You will get a serious chemical burn. The quality work of an experienced craftsman in the salon is a guarantee of minimal risk.

Burning with Ozone

Dosed treatment of the skin surface with ozone above low temperature leads to short-term frostbite. The shocked epidermis along with deeper layers and the tattoo will tear off. After a while, a scar will form in place of the wound, do not forget to use medicinal ointments in time.

Laser Removal

The device acts directly on the pigment, destroying it on small particles. The body is cleared of debris with the help of lymph and intercellular fluid that enters the blood. Drink more water, herbal infusions for the liver, then the procedure will not affect your health. This is one of the easiest ways to remove a tattoo.

Tattoo Removal at Home

ways to remove tattoo

Rating of Harmful Tips

Indeed, why go to the salon, waste your time when mankind has accumulated vast experience since the Inquisition. You can just cut the tattoo out of the skin and do not worry that annoying pattern will litter your eyes. On the other hand, it will be the fastest way to remove a tattoo, but jokes aside.

A compress with water manganese solution on the deserved first place in terms of frequency of use, as well as on appeals to the hospital. The most “crazy” do the concentrated solution, cover the wet bandage with a pellicle, and get the strongest burn. The tattoo will probably stay with the scars.

In terms of pest, household soap, or more precisely, caustic alkali from it, is in second place. The skin burns together with the tattoo. A chemical burn can be so strong that the bones are exposed. It will take more than one skin grafting operation to restore the human appearance of the body.

  • Iodine solution – a relatively harmless method, except for the rapid increase in the probability of thyroid cancer. The lazy organ will gladly accept any amount of iodine, part of it will send to the production of hormones. And the slightest nodule on the organ with an increased amount of iodine will turn into cancer
  • The masters of the semi-basement salons experiment: they mix milk and vinegar. Not for yourself. Ideally, the composition should dissolve the pigment, but how will this mixture be eliminated from the body? Risks here: blood poisoning, tissue necrosis, liver, and kidney failure.
  • Salt, pumice, sandpaper, file – mechanical means that remove the drawing together with the skin. Nobody thinks about sterility at this point. And besides painful sensations, you get one solid abscess.

Even if it is possible to remove a tattoo using the artisanal method with much longer and more painful than in a specialized center, health problems are ensured. And the skin will quickly become ugly and flabby.

The only correct solution to get rid of the tattoo is to contact highly qualified specialists.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal became popular in the 90s. The narrow directed beam destroys the paint particles without affecting the nearby skin layers. For the method, it doesn’t matter what area the pattern is, whether it is a colored or black tattoo, how many years of “stuffing.


  • Tune in for a few sessions with a break in the month.
  • It is better not to reduce the tattoo in summer. The sun’s rays and overheating harm the skin.
  • For skincare, use moisturizing sprays and creams with a high UV filter. If the area is itchy, soothing pharmacy ointments will help.
  • Even with no visible damage, the skin around the tattoo is injured. To avoid infection, it is worth postponing swimming in a pool or natural water sources.
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