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How To Roast Pig In Your Backyard

diy pig roast

Roast pig in your backyard is a great idea to surprise your loved ones with your culinary skills and cook an unforgettable dinner. Many people prefer cooking a pig in a pit or cooking diy pig roast, but today we will talk about an unconventional way of cooking meat. There are some simple tricks that everyone should know about then the meat will turn out to be amazing. Today we will talk a little about it.


If we are talking about pigs, it is best to use the neck. You always have to choose fresh, chilled meat. If necessary, you can remove extra pieces of fat. But do not remove a lot of fat, it gives juiciness to the meat.

How to cut meat

It is best to cut meat into equal square pieces 3-5 cm wide. If you cut the meat too fine, it will be dry. If the meat is too big pieces, it will remain raw in the middle.

Prepare coals

Meat on the wood of fruit trees is especially fragrant. But you can also make excellent meat on regular coals. If you do not buy coals, you can make a fire on birch wood. They give more heat and do not smoke much.

If you have a pit roasting a pig, then everything is very simple. If you do not have it, then you need to be smart and a little work to organize a place for cooking meat. You can make a fire right on the ground.

If you want to cook a few portions, you need to prepare a place that will keep the heat longer. You can build a pig roast pit with bricks or improvised materials. You can dig a rectangular small hole and build a fire in it. It is important to take into account that to burn the firewood, oxygen must flow to the bottom of the pit. To do this, we either make the side access for oxygen or fold the firewood into the house (tent).

How to fry a meat

whole hog bbq pit
  • Do not turn the meat too often, it can be dry. Only at the first turn the meat over quickly. You will get a small crust and then fry as usual.
  • Periodically, spray the meat with the remnants of the marinade, diluted with water wine, beer, so the meat will not overcook and will retain its juiciness.
  • Do not allow the flame to appear otherwise the meat will burn.
  • If the heat is not enough, turn the coals or slightly inflate them (do not allow the flame). Do it before removing the skewer from the fire.
  • The readiness of the meat can be checked in several ways: cut the largest piece of meat, the juice should be transparent; pierce the meat with a knife if the meat is soft, it is ready (again, pay attention to the color of the juice).
  • The temperature from the heat can be checked by holding your hand over the coals in the place where you plan to fry the meat.

A few words about the marinade

Many of us marinate meat in onions because they have the ability to soften the meat perfectly. In addition to the described technology, you can use several other variations of it:

Marinate the meat in onion juice. This method of marinating gives excellent results, but it is not always possible to obtain onion juice.

Rub the onions with a meat grinder, blender, or grater and marinate the meat in this onion juice. The meat is marinated beautifully. But onions can caramelize, and if you leave pieces of meat in onion “breading”, it will burn very quickly. The solution was suggested by an acquaintance – before cooking, wash the meat in a dry wine.

Just for the record

  • If the meat is not very young, not fat, or you want to marinate the beef – send the mixture overnight in the fridge, tightly covered with a lid.
  • If you went on a hike, and you do not want to wear heavy saucepans with meat, then move the marinated meat in several bags and carefully tie them one by one.
  • The same principle is good for fishing: take a few new heavy bags, onions, and salt with spices. Marinating can also be done without the pot.
  • If you suddenly have a picnic, take a chicken. It will marinate almost instantly.

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