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The Best Way to Roll Sleeves Will Surprise You – Top 5 Different Ways to Roll Up Sleeves

Ways to Roll Up Sleeves

Wearing a shirt, the sleeves are too long? Too hot and want to cool off a little? Want to highlight your casual, casual style? Roll up your sleeves!

Continuing the theme of summer and shirts, we could not help but recall the ways to roll up sleeves on the shirt: up to the forearm, up to the elbow, and the stylish Italian way. If you roll up your sleeves like an accordion the old-fashioned way, then today you have a lot to learn. Go!

A man’s shirt is so versatile that women can wear it with pleasure. As true connoisseurs of beauty and comfort, they know a lot about good things. There are many reasons for this – this is the ability to combine a shirt with almost everything, and a wide range of models, and the ease with which the smallest changes in the way you wear it can affect the overall impression of the image. First, this is the possibility of rolling up dress shirt sleeves.

The workers came up with the idea of ​​rolling up the sleeves – it is much more convenient to do physical labor, while you do not have to completely change your clothes so as not to stain your shirt.

It is very convenient when it gets hot, and also looks stylish. Contrary to the well-known expression “work with your sleeves rolled up,” this way of wearing a shirt gives the impression that the job is just over. Perhaps this is why the business dress code does not accept rolled-up sleeves and the shirt can only be worn outside a formal setting.

How to Properly Roll Up Sleeves?

In fact, there are many ways to roll up your sleeves, but the best of them are only 3. So, now we will learn “how to roll up your sleeves in 60 seconds”!

There are some basic principles to know:

  • It is necessary to roll up cuff sleeves no less than 10-15 centimeters from the wrist. Anything less will not look harmonious.
  • Roll up to the elbow or forearm only in an informal setting, not counting the cases when you are left alone at work in the office and work for everyone else.
  • Better not to roll up your jacket or blazer, even if the buttons are unbuttoned. An exception may be the urgent need to roll up the sleeves when it is not possible to take off the jacket. On the other hand, men’s fashion is changing and this may be mistaken for another stylish image. Here is the answer to how to roll up sleeves, button-down.

There are many ways to roll up sleeves. Let’s consider the main ones:

  1. Up to the forearm
  2. Elbow
  3. In Italian
  4. Alpha seaming
  5. Seam with elastic

Each of them has its own advantages. We will tell you more about these methods, and the choice is yours.

Method Number 1. Roll Up the Sleeves to the Forearm

Roll Up the Sleeves to the Forearm

How to roll up sleeves to show inside cuff? This method is very simple and intuitive. It allows you to free your hands as much as possible, which allows you to work with greater comfort.

How to roll up sleeves using the classic method:

  • To roll up the sleeves to your forearm, undo all buttons on the sleeves and cuffs and turn them inside out. Sleeve fabric should not be visible from under the wrapped cuff. Now continue tucking the sleeve in a width equal to or half of the cuff width. Repeat until the folded hem of the shirt reaches your forearm (where your biceps start).

Method Number 2. Roll Up the Sleeves to the Elbow

Roll Up the Sleeves to the Elbow

The following sleeve wrapping method is great for men who have finished work, heading to the bar with their jacket slung over their shoulder to have a beer with friends or coworkers. It is quite simple and does not wrinkle the sleeves of the shirt much if you suddenly need to return everything back. By the way, this method looks good with a light sweater, if the sleeves are slightly pulled up to the elbows. It also looks good on thin hands, which is important for many. Now you have learned how to roll long sleeves.

  • The best way to roll sleeves to the elbow is not much different from the previous one: in this case, just one or two turns will be enough to keep the elbow closed. A shirt with sleeves tucked up in this way will be a great addition to a jumper with a V-neck, the sleeves of which can also be folded up like an accordion so that they look out a little.

Method Number 3. Roll-Up Sleeves in Italian

Roll-Up Sleeves in Italian

The most stylish and interesting method to roll up the sleeves, in our opinion, is the Italian sleeve roll. It is interesting in that you can adjust the cuffs and add variety every time you decide to roll up your sleeves, and when you learn how to fold cuffs on a dress shirt. The only condition is that the reverse side of the cuffs should be different from the color of the front side, contrasting. Ever noticed shirts with colored lining? It is made precisely to make the sleeves rolled up by an Italian cuff look stylish.

  • The Italian way is the most stylish, but to implement it you will need a rolled-up sleeves dress shirt. These are sewn specifically for the back in Italian. To do it, you need to unfasten the buttons of the cuffs, turn out the sleeve and stretch the cuff almost to the elbow. Now pull the edge of the sleeve up, as if folding it 4 times, and leave open part of the seamy side of the cuff or all of it.
  • A shirt with sleeves rolled up in this way is perfect for a casual look and will be appropriate both with jeans and with classic trousers or chinos. It is okay to roll up your sleeves at corporate parties, social gatherings, or dates, but it is not advisable to do it with a jacket. Such a move, of course, will give a special zest to your image, but it is not recommended to do this even if there are open buttons on the sleeves of the jacket.
  • As always, undo the buttons on the cuffs. Here’s how to roll sleeves with cuff showing.

Turn the sleeve inside out and pull the hem so that the cuffs are slightly off the elbow. You should have a sleeve folded in half, turned inside out.

Next, fold the edge of the sleeve and slightly overlap the colored cuffs that are at the elbow. It turns out that you turned the sleeve inside out 2 times. If necessary, align the sleeve at the cuff to reveal a more or less colored underside.

Method Number 4. Alpha Seaming

Alpha Seaming

Experts assure that this method is sloppy, elegant, and immediately gives out a leader with the help of summer button-up rolled sleeves. Its only drawback is that the sleeves from this position tend to quickly “roll” back. Here it is important, without leaving the image, to roll them up again elegantly and charismatically or transfer them to another, less leadership position.

  • How is this seaming carried out? First, you need to undo all the buttons on the sleeve. Not only two on the cuff, but one slightly higher. This is actually true for any seaming. Next, you need to bend the cuff, and then roll up the sleeve one more time.

Method Number 5. Seam with Elastic

Seam with Elastic

Now you will learn how to roll up sleeves with straps. Absolute seaming professionals even buy special equipment – a sleeve holder. Sometimes, using tracing paper from English, it is called a garter, but this, it seems to us, is somehow not masculine.

  • This thing looks like a wide elastic band with a buckle, which is worn on the sleeve of a shirt.
  • After that, cover the elastic with a fold of the fabric. The construction looks rather strange, but it holds up perfectly.

In addition, the Order of the Garter is the highest knightly order in Great Britain. So, in fact, the garter on the sleeve is a secret sign of belonging to the most refined English nobility.

The standard “protocol” is that the sleeves rolled up do not match the business dress code. If the organization where you work has strict rules, it is best not to show up with a rolled-up shirt. However, in many areas, this way of wearing a shirt is taken absolutely calmly, even in the office or at business meetings – these include, for example, the IT sector.

Outside the office, a roll-up shirt is suitable for just about anywhere. The only exceptions can be called, perhaps, the only events that have a black-tie dress code, a visit to the opera or a formal dinner at a prestigious restaurant.

In fact, button-up rolled sleeves can be done in many more ways: you can unfasten the button and roll up the sleeve with a roller, you can simply fold the sleeves like an accordion, but it won’t stay there for a long time. You can turn the cuffs not inside out, but tuck them under the sleeve, but the sleeves will look strange, as if you put on a little boy’s shirt, and it is too small for you.
So you found out thanks to our information on how to fold up sleeves, which we prepared for you with the team, we hope our article helped and came in handy, and you will share it with your friends.

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