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How to Smoke a Pipe?

how does a smoking pipe work

A smoking pipe is not a banal cigarette, smoked in a hurry and on the run. It is a whole action, a special ritual! Here everything is measured and thorough, without fuss and hurry, but with a chance to relax and let your thoughts wander outside of reality. Agree, for the swift XXI century – the best! In general, if you like to smoke, then do not write off this method of tobacco consumption. And we will tell you how to smoke a pipe properly.

Smoking a Pipe

how to use pipe


To better understand what a smoking pipe is, we offer a brief excursion into history. The pipe is known to mankind since the tenth century BC. It is period dates back to the first mentions of smoking tobacco using the ancestor of modern pipes.

The pioneers in the smoking business were the Indians. They used tobacco in their ritual practices. The smoke helped to establish contact with spirits, to settle vital issues. We think everyone knows the lasting expression “to smoke the pipe of peace.” Then there was Christopher Columbus. The legendary navigator discovered tobacco for Europeans, and with it the smoking pipe.

As part of a smoke voyage into the past, it is impossible not to mention Peter the Great. The Tsar of All Russia became famous, including his love for the smoking pipe. Of course, this method of using crushed tobacco leaves immediately “fell in love” with his subjects. In fact, this method of smoking was preferred by many iconic figures who made history or simply created it. Among them: Albert Einstein, Vincent van Gogh, Joseph Stalin, Sergei Yesenin, Mark Twain, Pablo Picasso, Charlie Chaplin, Sebastian Bach.


Now a few words about modern examples. Their design is a classic of the genre. A traditional model consists of the following elements: bowl, tobacco chamber, smoke channel, stub, filter, mouthpiece. But despite the authentic structure, diversity in the design of modern samples takes place. Pay attention, for example, to the carved smoking pipes.


Both traditional and innovative material is used to make the tubes. Most often – wood of different species (heather, pear, cherry, beech, birch). Also: foam, briar, stone, clay, reed, bamboo, gourd. Mouthpieces are made of ebonite, acrylic, plastic. An expensive smoking pipe can be supplemented with an amber mouthpiece. The most popular and widespread variant is a wooden piece with an ebonite or plastic mouthpiece.

How to Fill a Pipe with Tobacco?

If you want to find the proper way to smoke a pipe, you have to fill tobacco correctly. Knowing how to fill a pipe the way you like comes with experience. There are many ways to do this. The main thing is that the tobacco chamber should be filled evenly – not too densely, but not too little either. The tobacco should spring slightly when you press it with your finger.

How to Use a Tobacco Pipe?

smoking a pipe

Remember, smoking a pipe is a special ritual that is not tolerated without fuss and haste. Before you start enjoying the fragrant smoke, you must create a disposing atmosphere. After the device is filled with tobacco – you can start.

By the way, you also need to light it correctly. As the pipe smokes for a long time, you will have to light it more than once. To do this, it is best to use ordinary matches or a special lighter for pipes or a wick. In a word, anything that does not have a pronounced smell. Tobacco very easily absorbs foreign aromas and it will not reflect in the best way on the quality of smoking and taste of smoke.

How to Start Smoking a Pipe

If you have bought a new pipe, it is absolutely necessary to light it. It is necessary so that the cup filled with tobacco, to which you will bring the fire, will not burn and will heat up less. A smoked sample is more comfortable to use and will last longer.

What does a stoned pipe mean? It is a piece with a carbon residue inside – a thin burnt layer. The carbon protects your device from burning. It is necessary to create it yourself, for which there are several absolutely uncomplicated ways. A model made of any material, be it briar or wood, requires firing. A briar is a globular outgrowth that forms in the root of the heather. It is from this outgrowth that smoking pipes are made. The material is heat-resistant, hard, hygroscopic, and durable. At the same time, it has a peculiar pattern, which adds to the atmospheric character of any pipe.

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