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How to Play Soccer: Read the Article to Know Everything about Playing Soccer Game

soccer playing

The popularity of soccer-playing games in the world has been at a consistently high level for the past half-century. Each football championship turns into a world holiday that attracts billions of viewers from the screens all over the world. Schoolchildren, teenagers, young and old people want to try to play football – one with the dream of athletic athletes. This article will show you the features of this popular game and will tell you how to start playing soccer.

For the perfect soccer playing the future footballer needs the following skills:

  • Speed;
  • Coordination of movements;
  • Quick response;
  • Physical strength;
  • Ability to see the field;
  • The speed of decision-making.

How to start playing soccer?

playing soccer ball

The first main task of a novice footballer is friendship with the ball! You need to find a comfortable open area, take the ball and play with it. Beat, lead stuff. Moreover, this can be done with all parts of the body. No difference! You need to feel the ball, understand its capabilities, be able to “cooperate” with it, not be afraid of the ball. Learning begins with getting to know the playing soccer ball. Any good coach will tell you that. Therefore, free play with the ball, preferably outdoors, is where to start.

How to master the basic technique of football?

You may start playing soccer a game well when you have not only speed, understanding of the game and strength, but also a perfect technique! To develop a basic technique, you need to regularly train simple basic skills. There is a list of simple yet very effective drills that will help build a solid technical base for the novice player. How to play football correctly without technical skills, no one will answer you. So start by practicing these exercises that are important for playing soccer game:

  • Learning to take the ball
  • Learning to hit the ball
  • Dribbling for the right soccer games playing

Dribbling is an important skill that football players develop. You need to find a spacious area and practice dribbling with and without obstacles. The ball must be propelled forward with small jolts. It is important that it goes no more than 30-60 cm forward from the leg. First, dribble in a straight line. Then gradually try to change the trajectory.

  • Ball around obstacles

To do this, you can use special cones or improvised means.

  • Practicing the Pass

For this exercise, you need to find a friend who also wants to know how to learn how to play football.

  • Shots on goal

How to play soccer for kids?

soccer basics for kids

All boys like football and here is the list of rules for it:


  • It is important to explain to the young player the main goal of football – to score as many goals as possible against your opponent.
  • Two teams take part in the game at once, which simultaneously enter the field.
  • You can score a goal with different parts of the body, except for the hands. It can be a leg, body, head.
  • Only the player standing on the goal – the goalkeeper – can touch the ball with his hands.
  • The game lasts two halves, each of which lasts 45 minutes. There is a break of 15 minutes between the first and second half – one of the important soccer basics for kids
  • The referee must monitor how the players comply with all of the above rules, as well as count the goals scored.
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