How to Tie a Tie Easy Step-by-Step? Learn Quick Ways to Tie Necktie Knots!

how to tie a tie

Paradoxically, for many people, the question “how to do a tie knot” is still unresolved. And that is why they are becoming less and less popular, and those who wear them are considered “gods”. There are several schemes. They differ in complexity and the form of the resulting node. Simple options without unnecessary “frills” are easy to master. It is these types of tie knots that we will tell you today and show you step-by-step instructions.

Why Wear a Tie?

According to psychologists, each representative of Homo sapiens subconsciously seeks to identify himself with some group of people, otherwise, it becomes difficult for a person to communicate effectively with others and be part of society. Every day we meet new people about whom we know absolutely nothing at the time of meeting or getting to know each other. Stereotypes and cultural codes can both make it easier and harder to make contact. So it can be stated that men wear a tie to demonstrate belonging to a certain subculture and social environment. And now, when many don’t quite understand how to tie a tie, this has become even more sophisticated and a reason for respect. The main reasons for wearing an accessory are usually:

  1. You work in an office where there is a strict and not very dress code.
  2. You must look good at a formal event
  3. You were invited to a holiday or other equally important event.
  4. You are going to a date, a wedding, or your wedding.
  5. You want to show that you belong to a certain community while maintaining the individuality of the style.

It is worth noting that some people even wear it in everyday life, which makes each look special. It is often combined not only with suits but also with a casual shirt and jeans. There are a lot of variations to get away from other officialdom, but at the same time stay in a tie. We are sure that when you learn different ways to tie a tie, you would also want to wear a tie almost everywhere you can take it.

Best Ways to Tie a Tie

There are a lot of ways on how to tie a tie fancy. Knots can have different shapes, ways of wearing, and other details. We decided today to pay more attention to the classic options that everyone can repeat. They would be appropriate almost everywhere, because, as we said, this is a classic. So let’s find out how to tie a tie easily step-by-step.

Victorian Knot

different ways to tie a tie

Another name for such a node is the “four”. This is since the end of the accessory must be wrapped around the knot four times, then tucked in. The result is a knot that looks a bit asymmetrical and quite wide, but still gathered enough for every day and casual wear. This is an easy way that is suitable for any event, including going to work in the office. In general, this is one of the most popular different kinds of tie knots among men.

Windsor Knot

how to tie a tie easy step by step

This version of how to knot a necktie was named after the British aristocrat Duke of Windsor, who, according to contemporaries, found this method to be optimal. By the way, the Windsor knot corresponds to solemn events, receptions, and official events. In addition, it is also the most convenient, as it doesn’t squeeze the collar of the shirt, which allows you to loosen or remove it at any time without untying it. But it is important to remember that in this case, the tie must be 4 centimeters longer than the usual accessory so that it can touch the belt.

Half Windsor Knot

how to do a tie knot

For some, the Windsor knot may be too complicated. What if there is a half Windsor version? This is how British dandies sometimes joke. An important nuance of this method of tying, when compared with the basic “Windsor”: it looks more sophisticated, mainly due to asymmetry and less volume. However, such an easy way to tie a tie looks just as formal as the Windsor one. It is perfect for formal events and receptions. In addition, it can be applied to any kind of tie.

Knot Oriental

easy way to tie a tie

Otherwise, it is called the “knot in three steps”. But with it, you need to be careful and attentive, because in his simplicity lies the main problem. Accessories made of thin or inexpensive materials won’t be able to keep their shape for a long time and run the risk of not hanging nicely around the neck. Therefore, for this method, it is better to choose a wardrobe item made of dense material. In addition, this knot is easy to unravel and needs to be looked after throughout the day so as not to look sloppy. By the way, due to this, you can create a great casual look that would look cool in the appropriate style. Oriental isn’t the best choice for secular outlets but is perfect for everyday life and office work.

Kelvin Knot

how to tie a men's tie

Few people know that the knot was named after the inventor of the temperature scale, the scientist Lord Kelvin. The mathematician was famous for studying the idea of ​​the structure of atoms and knots. This isn’t to say that the Kelvin knot is very popular, unlike other cool knots for ties, because it is quite difficult for daily use. Due to the oblong shape, this method is ideal for narrow ties. But it’s better not to injure yourself and leave it exclusively for social events. And if you like to take risks and can easily remember a combination of actions, then you can choose this method whenever necessary.

Prince Albert Knot

different types of ties knots

The Prince Albert knot isn’t as easy as the previous versions, but beautiful. If you approach the issue seriously, you would end up with a knot that looks like an unopened bud. The key here is to form the final knot with the back loop. This method requires more length than any other knot option. Due to this, this method is suitable for men of short stature. You can also try to repeat this with a thinner tie because it can also visually lengthen the torso. Make sure it’s not too short, or it won’t look right.

Which of All the Different Types of Ties Knots Should You Choose?

cool knots for ties

From the whole variety of knots, which is known about 20 ways to tie a tie, it is worth choosing not only those that you can tie on your own but also suitable for a particular person. There are simple rules for this:

  • For men with a dry physique, small knots are suitable (for example, a simple one, which was described above). Conversely, the larger the build and face, the larger the knot should be.
  • For a beautiful knot, the optimal width of the tie shouldn’t exceed 7-8 cm.
  • To make the knot as tight as possible, you need to slowly tie the tie around your neck step by step, and not hold the tie in your hands, as they might advise. Only a very experienced person in this business can tie a beautiful bow on weight.
  • For business meetings, suits of a strict style, it is best to use a knot known as the Windsor knot. It has a relatively wide triangular shape. However, if you try to tie a tie made of dense fabric with a thick lining in this way, then the whole structure would turn out to be too massive.
  • Although the knots should be tight, the fabric shouldn’t be allowed to stretch unnecessarily during tying. Otherwise, it may stretch, and the tie would lose its appearance.

We think you liked the content of our tie-tying guide because you can easily put our tips into practice. Use our tips to find the best way to tie a tie for you. Or try tying each of the how-to-tie men’s tie options. As a result, you would be able to more easily determine which method you can use constantly. By the way, if you have ties of different materials, you may need your method for each. So it’s better to remember a few things and of course test.

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