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How to Wear a Scarf for Men?

how to wear a scarf men

A man wears a scarf not because it is elegant, but also because it is warm and comfortable. There are various basic ways wearing scarf men: pick the one that seems most convenient and simple to you. Every one of the choices has its own title, which is connected with a certain type of man. Continue reading this article to know more scarf knots. We have collected a huge collection of them here!

Tying Scarf Men: Why Should All Wear Them?

man scarf styles

And yet, why wear a scarf? Here are a couple of reasons why men wear scarves:

From the first hand, only because it plays a protective function – in other words, the scarf excellently protects the throat and neck from wind and cold. A thick woolen or cashmere scarf can keep you heated in a harsh winter, while a thin and light cloth scarf can protect you from the sun or dust (if you suddenly go to sandy weather).

On the second hand, a man style – a scarf or muffler will add a strong component of style to your outfit, particularly when you manage to suit the scarf by color and type of material. Of course, wearing a scarf outside hardly surprises anyone today, but some imaginative people like to wear a scarf indoors, highlighting their individuality.

Ways to Wear Scarf Men: Easy Types How to Wear a Scarf

scarf knots

City fellow

One of the most traditional ways to tie a scarf. It is quick and stylish. A handy option that absolutely retains warmth and protects your neck from the wind.

  • Remark: Ian Somerhalder prefers this man scarf style to tie.
  • How to tie: wrap the scarf in half, cover it around your neck, then take both ends and tuck them in the loop on the contrary end of the scarf. Tighten the resulting knot correctly.
  • What scarf you need: a lengthy scarf of average thickness.
  • What to wear with: a coat, a jacket, a suit, a jumper.

Man of Art

The clear way that artistic people will love the most. This opportunity is not proper for winter, but it will well fit into an autumn or evening look. In the last case, the scarf plays a solely decorative role and simply compliments your outfit.

  • Brad Pitt is a great illustration of why this style is so cool.
  • How to tie: put the scarf over your shoulders and tuck one edge of the scarf over your back.
  • What scarf is needed: long and not wide.
  • What to wear with: a suit, a leather jacket, a jumper.


You can also wrap the scarf around your neck several times. The best choice for winter, but no less original for summer. It is necessary to learn how to tuck the ends precisely to prevent the scarf from falling apart.

  • Example: Ryan Reynolds likes these ways to tie a scarf for men.
  • How to tie: locate the scarf over your shoulders with one edge at the chest side and wrap the other one around your neck twice. To bind the ends, hide them between the layers of the scarf.
  • What kind of scarf you need: long or medium size, medium width.
  • With what to wear: with a down jacket, coat, shirt, jumper.

A Secret Britain Spy

Suitable for a jacket or coat with an open or high collar. Such a knot is worn under clothing. Also, it can be worn with a jacket or suit – as an alternative to a tie.

  • Who loves it: be the next agent 007, Daniel Wroughton Craig admires such men’s scarf styles of wearing.
  • How to tie: put a scarf on your shoulders, its ends should be the same length, cross both ends, thread one of the ends into the formed loop, you will get a knot (do not tighten it).
  • When to wear: Not designed for cold weather.
  • Which one: A dark scarf goes well with a black blazer and light-colored shirt. Warm colors are optimal if the clothes are dark. An interesting texture of the scarf is welcome.

Ordinary Guy

Another simple traditional way. The warmth will be only if the scarf is tightly bound around the neck.

  • For example, such male scarf styles of wearing are loved by David Beckham.
  • How to tie: take a scarf and shroud it once around your neck, leaving both ends hanging at the bottom.
  • What kind of scarf you need: medium or long length, not very wide, it is conceivable with fringe at the ends.

What to wear with: a classic coat, a blazer, a leather jacket, a cardigan, a down jacket, a sheepskin coat.

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