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How To Wear a Skirt as a Man? The Coolest Skirts Every Man Should Wear in 2021/2022!

How To Wear a Skirt as a Man

For a couple of seasons, giant brands including Thom Browne, Alexander McQueen, Loewe, and Dries Van Noten have been lobbying male skirts for trends. And at the same time, they are convinced that everyone can look the way they want – without regard to gender, social norms, and the reaction of others. Today we want to break the stereotypes about men in skirts and prove that nowadays it is cool, stylish, and comfortable. So if you are thinking about this, like us, read on!

Why Do Guys Like Skirts?

ASAP Rocky for GQ Men in skirt

Men love skirts not only on women but also on themselves. Why? Elementary, it’s convenient. Agree, especially in summer, few people like to walk in jeans or trousers. And just the guys in skirts feel great at this time.

Nowadays, high fashion skirts are most often seen in the younger generation, who aren’t afraid to express their own interests and taste. We believe this is correct and encourages older men to do the same. In addition, among the celebrities, you can also see lovers of skirts and dresses.

By the way, in many countries, skirts are national and everyday clothes, even if they were invented several centuries ago. In such countries, seeing a man in a skirt doesn’t cause any negative emotions.

Plus, now fashion brands have started to pop up men’s fashion skirts frequently, which can suit any style. If you are a punk, an athlete, or just like comfortable clothes, a skirt has already been invented for you and is even being sold. Many men’s skirt fashion can be matched with anything. For example, a classic oversized T-shirt, hoodie, or even a jacket. The main thing is that you feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, there aren’t so many guys wearing skirts now, because many people find it very strange. While it is possible that some men also want to wear such clothes, but also fear being judged? This is highly probable. But even so, if a man likes to wear something, then why should he forbid himself to do it, taking into account the opinion of others? In our opinion, this situation could radically change if men appear more often in crowded places, on the streets or at work in skirts. After a while, for sure, many would get used to it and stop considering it strange. Maybe other men would start walking just like you, noticing how cool it looks.

What Is a Man Skirt Called?

What Is a Man Skirt Called

There is no separate name for masculine skirts. This is practically the same as a woman’s skirt. But by the way, some shorter skirts can be called kilts. Kilt is traditional menswear that has recently become almost casual wear.

In addition to kilts, you can also find a men’s maxi skirt, which can be especially useful in a cold season. Also, this option can be perfectly combined with a formal work style (instead of a suit with a jacket and trousers). In addition, sometimes a male skirt over pants is worn if the skirt is short, but at work, it is important to have a full-length bottom. It is the long version that is important, since in many offices and institutions, according to the regulations.

Why Men Should Wear Skirts?

For some time now in Sweden bus drivers, as well as fitters and electricians, have fallen in love with kilts. There are even brands that produce working kilts – they differ from the usual ones with a belt with many hinged pockets, where it is convenient to put hammers and screwdrivers. Agree, this is very convenient and versatile.

5.11 Tactical is a company that produces uniforms and tactical equipment, mainly for the military, but also for ordinary fans of this uniform. In 2012, they decided to launch skirts for sale. It was started as a joke, but there were so many people who wanted to buy such a special skirt that the manufacturers decided to add skirts to the usual assortment. This proves once again how comfortable it is to wear a skirt, even in such an industry.

In ancient times, both men and women wore long dresses and skirts as casual and party wear. Examples of unisex skirts could be seen in people in Ancient Greece, Rome, and other countries. Then, after a while, the skirts were no longer worn since the time when men moved to horses as a means of transportation, because it was completely inconvenient. Now, when everyone mainly travels by car, this has become an irrelevant problem. So why not re-launch guys wearing skirts as a new trend?

Male Celebrities Wearing Skirts

Marc Jacobs wearing skirt

In the 2000s, the main man in the skirt was Marc Jacobs. Whether he was able to move society forward on the path to getting rid of prejudices is difficult to say, but within the framework of his reputation, Mark succeeded – no one is surprised at Jacobs in a skirt or dress.

Will Smith's son Jaden in skirt

Will Smith’s son Jaden is now doing the same job. He often appears in public in a skirt and even starred in it in an advertising campaign for the Louis Vuitton women’s collection. Smith says he just likes it so much. Skirts for men don’t indicate anything at all – neither the degree of his masculinity, nor his sexual orientation, nor his social status.

Jared Leto in skirt

Another example is Jared Leto: at one time he didn’t crawl out of his trousers with something like a long peplum. Once he posted a photo of himself in them with the caption Real men wearing skirts – there is no need to explain what he meant.

Designers support this message and increasingly dress men in skirts. The list of progressive brands includes Rick Owens, Thom Browne, J.W. Anderson, Givenchy (under Riccardo Tisci), Alexander McQueen and Gucci, works by Charles Jeffrey and John Galliano at Maison Margiela – and these are clothes not for the catwalk, but for real life.

How To Wear a Skirt as a Man?

You can start experimenting with unusual clothes – in stores (even in a mass-market like Zara) there is feminized menswear, such as men’s tunics, elongated shirts, and sweaters, there are also trousers with basques – like those worn by Jared Leto. Try wearing something like this, say, on vacation – and decide if you are comfortable or not.

Skirts don’t need to be strongly separated from trousers because they are combined with other items of clothing in the same way. In fact, classic styles of skirts can be combined with almost all types of tops, both for summer and for other seasons. If you choose a skirt with any special print (cage, drawings, or simply in a combination of several colors), then you would already need to select the top by style. In the cold season, you need to take either a skirt to the floor or a denser material, combining this with trousers of a suitable color and style.

Obviously, this isn’t an easy step, because the stereotype “skirt is for girls, pants is for boys” is instilled in many people, which may cause a not very pleasant reaction to the fact that boys are wearing skirts. But the world is really changing: some European schools (for example, London’s Highgate) is introducing a gender-neutral form for students. While this is a drop in the ocean, who knows what will happen in 10-20 years.

What Skirts Are in Style for 2021?

And finally, we will show you the best skirts for men, which represent popular brands:

Rick Owens

Rick Owens skirt

This skirt looks quite restrained, although it has an unusual shape. The Rick Owens men’s skirt can be worn for both work and everyday wear. It goes well with calm colors and strict cuts of the top. Of course, bright elements with an unusual shape and details won’t spoil the strict style, but only complement it.

Thom Browne

Thom Browne skirt

If you are a fan of plaid clothing, then this skirt should definitely get into your wardrobe. As you can see, it goes well with a white shirt. And if you emphasize the image with a jacket with the same print, it would be a cool formal suit. Both classic shoes and massive shoes are suitable here.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton skirt

This is a variant from the new collection. Here you can see how the skirt looks over the pants. If you don’t look closely, then at the beginning it isn’t entirely clear that the model is wearing a skirt. This option would also perfectly fit into a strict work style. If the skirt is worn without pants, then it looks cool with a voluminous top, as a casual option.

At first glance, this may look very unusual. But when you try it on yourself, you will understand how cool it looks and sits on your body. Which of the above models would you like to try on or buy? Lie, it looks incredibly cool, especially if you know how to correctly and beautifully combine elements of clothing with manly skirts. We think that now when you hear “can guys wear skirts?”. We also recommend getting yourself at least one skirt that you can wear wherever you want. Prove to others that there is nothing wrong with it, but on the contrary!

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