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Guy with Makeup and Beard: How Do They Make Up and How to Do It Yourself?

Guy with Makeup and Beard

For different men, a beard can be either a source of joy or a curse. If you are a man with a beard, then perhaps you are more inclined towards the second type, especially if you want to do your own makeup. But we can help you fix the whole situation! Today we are going to show you some tips on the beard makeup tutorial that you will definitely find useful.

Do You Need to Know How to Cover Up Facial Hair with Makeup?

Have you asked yourself, “will my facial hair ever fill in”? We think if you are reading these lines, then you are in doubt about the usefulness of this solution. Think about whether you really want to hide your beard under makeup, or is it better to compliment your look with it? We still believe that if you do something with a beard, then it will make it darker and that’s it.

Now the difficulty arises with the answer to why does it look like I have a mustache when I put makeup on. In fact, everything is simpler here than it seems. Just follow our tips below, and don’t forget to take care of your beard, so it doesn’t look sloppy. Visit a barbershop, or learn how to make yourself a beautiful haircut for your beard and/or mustache.

How to Cover a Beard with Makeup?

How to Cover a Beard with Makeup

You might think that a guy with makeup and a beard may spend more time creating makeup than he would without a beard. This scares almost all newbies. But nevertheless, real professionals know such tips that completely refute this opinion. They also shared these makeup beard secrets so all of our readers can get it right.

The Main Thing in Makeup Is to Prepare the Skin

Facial Hair with Makeup

People have different problem areas depending on their skin type. For some, this may be peeling, and for some, on the contrary – too oily skin. Also, many have inflammations and acne, which also need to be prepared before applying makeup.

First, you need to clean it with a tonic or wash it. For those who have flaky skin, you need to smear the skin with a moisturizer or base. For those with oily skin, use a matte makeup base to help with the release of oil. If you have a lot of inflammation or irritation, before makeup and not only use soothing products, and then apply a cream or base. It’s also important not to forget about scrubs to remove other little things from your face that only make things worse. For additional hydration or nourishment of the skin, you can use a gentle dry oil. Only if you can apply everything correctly, you can make yourself the best beard cover makeup.

Make Friends with Color Correction

How to Do Makeup with a Beard

To remove other visible blemishes on the skin, you can use correctors that match your color. If you are lighter, then choose a peach shade. For those who are darker, orange is more suitable. This would help you remove any blue or purple tints under your eyes and hide possible stubble. If it is still visible through the tone, apply a translucent powder before applying the tone. If this still doesn’t help, then it is better to simply shave these areas.

Don’t Go Over the Beard, but Don’t Completely Avoid It

This is the most difficult moment – to make the right transition so that it doesn’t look too pronounced. This is especially important if you are using dense textures. Professionals recommend shading almost to the very edge of the beard growth. And to do this better, use a slightly damp sponge, so he can make a suitable layer. Of course, you can do this with your fingers, but if you are a beginner, then it would be difficult for you to create a smooth transition without clear lines. It’s also best to do your makeup in natural daylight, so you can notice other bumps or redness.

Removing Groceries from the Beard Is a Common Thing

It should be understood that it may not always turn out the way you want. This is especially true for beginners in this business. Therefore, if you hit areas with a beard with a tone or other products, then you can safely remove them. It’s easy to do, and you don’t even need to rinse your makeup off. Just go over the stained area with mascara (a thin layer), or use micellar water to rinse off the residue.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Beard for Makeup

Makeup Beard

If you’ve been wearing a beard for a long time and want to do your makeup, then you don’t need to shave off your beard completely. If it is convenient for you to sleep, then you shouldn’t remove it. It won’t worsen your makeup in any way, but will simply make you more masculine, as she did before. So don’t be afraid to use whatever hair is growing on your face during your makeup. And it doesn’t even make a difference, you just apply tone, or paint your eyes. It will be enough just to cut it for a neat look and so that excess stubble doesn’t cause you discomfort while applying makeup.

Well, we think you could now find out really useful things that would help you make the coolest beard makeup for men, and surprise other men as well. We advise you to use every hint to keep your makeup looking perfect and your beard looking brutal and complementing your masculine look.

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