Where Should Men Wear Rings? Wearing Rules and Other Features of Men’s Rings!

how to wear rings men

Do you love wearing rings? Surely many will be able to answer positively, but still, unfortunately, not many people know where do men wear rings. Wearing a ring on each finger can signify a special meaning. So it is important to know the differences and rules for wearing jewelry so as not to confuse others. Today we will present you a men’s guide to wearing rings, which will show you how to handle and wear rings.

Men’s Rings Meaning

Many men love to wear seals. Agree that men’s hands with rings, and especially with beautiful ones, look rich and show the status of a person. But at the same time, standard rings still don’t lose their popularity and can also often be seen in the hands of men.

On the thumb, a man’s ring should be worn with extreme caution. The fact is that this finger was “booked” for themselves by men and women of non-traditional orientation. Most often they wear a silver ring, similar to an engagement ring. Therefore, when choosing how to wear rings men should be very careful about the finger itself.

The male ring on the index finger unequivocally declares the ambition of its owner, his desire to rule. Especially if it’s a finger on the right hand. Such people prefer to give orders rather than follow them, they strive to lead everywhere, even if it is a friendly company and gatherings with sincere conversations. With such people, it can be difficult to find compromise solutions. And sometimes the ring on this finger is worn simply because the shape of the hand doesn’t allow the rings on other fingers to look stylish. Or if the owner of the jewelry doesn’t have very large hands. The ring on the index finger visually changes the impression.

Most often, men wear a ring on the middle finger. In principle, there is no special sacred meaning in this option, so we can say that it is completely safe. The main thing is that the ring shouldn’t be decorated with a very large stone. Otherwise, it would tell about the owner’s exorbitantly inflated conceit, or, on the other hand, about his financial well-being. The wedding ring is worn on the ring finger, but “what finger do men wear rings on” – depends on the country of residence and religion. In form and appearance, it can be completely different. Today, inscriptions on a wedding ring, diamond placers, matte white and yellow gold are in fashion. A man’s engagement ring, like a woman’s one, can also be made of platinum and have one or more stones. The wedding rings must be paired, so the women’s and men’s wedding rings are most often similar and have the same style. It happens that a widower wears two wedding rings. In this case, the ring of the deceased wife is most often worn on the little finger. If a man has narrow fingers, and the ring fits on the ring finger, then you can wear two together. But this isn’t so common anymore.

The little finger is one of the non-trivial places where should guys wear rings. Most often, representatives of Bohemia, writers, musicians, and artists resort to this method of wearing jewelry. There is an interesting opinion that if a man rings both of his little fingers, in this way he restrains his emotional impulses. Also, choosing where to wear rings for guys, you can select multiple fingers at once. Only here it is important to maintain proportionality so that it looks concise, as in the photo below.

Where Should Men Wear Rings?

men's hands with rings

Let’s move on to the most interesting part of our men’s ring guide. First, you need to consider the situation and the environment. At a business meeting or in the office, a designer’s signature on a finger or a ring with a precious stone would make a double impression, especially if there is a strict dress code. But at a friendly party, social evening, in the company of friends, or on a date, such a move would be appropriate. It is worth noting that if you are going on a date, the main thing isn’t to confuse which fingers to wear rings on the male, otherwise the girl may not understand your intentions.

In an informal environment, rings and seals with certain symbols are in use. They should be worn to a thematic meeting or event. Elegant rings would be appropriate under a business or dress suit but would look strange with summer shorts and a tank top. But simple rings with an unobtrusive pattern are suitable for every day.

If you want to wear more than one ring, you can distribute them on both hands. But it is important that when choosing what finger do guys wear rings on, the jewelry should be combined too, as we said earlier. In addition, no one forbids wearing rings according to mood. That is, you can wear rings like this today, and tomorrow combine them in a new way. On the contrary, it would give you a good variety and would also look very stylish.

Tips What Fingers to Wear Rings on the Male

where do men wear rings

In addition to the basic features of wearing rings, you can use our additional criteria which finger do guys wear rings on, and other details. So if you want to look stylish and beautiful always, try to take them into account as well.

Choosing Your Ring

A correctly chosen ring should fit the style, character and won’t interfere. We all feel awkward in jewelry and clothes that don’t suit us psychologically. Wear what you like. If you are comfortable with the ring, then it is yours, despite prejudices.

Remember about Style

Wearing a diamond-studded ring under shorts or a tracksuit, just look at it from the side. Agree, it looks even a little funny. The same applies to the size of not only the stone but also the ring. You are going to work, you are wearing a business suit. With strict clothes, a classic watch and a neat ring would look good, and not a bulky ring.

Combination of Metals

If you are wearing a gold ring, such as an engagement ring, then all other rings should be gold. It is best to wear a ring and a wedding ring on different hands. But a steel watch case and a gold ring on a man, on one hand, aren’t considered bad manners. In addition, if your ring combines two metals of different colors, then you are more likely to find a ring that you like.

Wearing during Physical Activity

During physical work or sports, it is better not to wear rings at all. This meets the safety requirements. The ring can injure others or injure yourself. Yes, and the decoration itself has a risk of spoiling. Note that since the rings immediately draw attention to the fingers, the nails must be clean and neatly trimmed.

Don’t Abuse the Amount

A young man with all his hands in rings would look at least strange. And the first impression would be his complete lack of moderation. And on the men’s team, they can draw completely wrong conclusions about such a guy. As elsewhere, the main thing in rings is quality, not quantity. However, you can wear more than 3 rings. The question is only in their combination with each other. By understanding all the nuances of what hand do guys wear rings on, you would be able to correctly use your favorite jewelry with and without it. We recommend choosing rings of the right size for certain fingers, or stock up on several sizeless rings. In addition, it is important to choose good quality rings so that after a year or more they can still look like new, and also not deteriorate during wear. Having chosen the perfect ring, you can wear it for a long time and with pleasure. And what are the best fingers for men’s rings for you?

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