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Howard University Praises the Name of Chadwick Boseman and Names the School in His Honor

Chadwick Boseman

Howard University, where the late Chadwick Boseman educated, recently announced that it is going to rename its lately created College of Fine Arts in his honor.

The school, headed by one of Boseman’s coaches, will now be called the Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts. The family of the late actor expressed their gratitude and added that he would be delighted with such a development of events.

The actor graduated from the university in 2000 getting a bachelor’s degree in foreign affairs. His time spent at university helped shape him both as a person and as the artist he then became. Read also: Kevin Spacey, Previously Accused of Harassment, Will Star in a New Italian Film.

Boseman’s wife is also very pleased that Howard University chose to honor her late husband in such a way. Boseman died in August 2020, being 43 years old, after a long and desperate fight with cancer.
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