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In Japan, They Plan To Open the First Esports High School With Esports Players

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In 2022, young Japanese high school students will be able to attend a new specialized school. It will be supported by the telecom giant NNT, as well as the esports team owned by Tokyo Verdy.

The school is located in the trendy Shibuya district, which is especially famous for its crossroads- it can be seen in hundreds of films, games, and anime. The interior of the school is designed in an industrial cyber style and is completely different from typical Japanese schools.

The school will have 40 Galleria XA7C-R37 computers equipped with Intel Core i7-11700 and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070. It has not yet been announced which games students will be able to play, but the genres are indicated: first and third-person shooters, strategy, and MOBA.

The school will have dedicated teachers, invited esports players, and other industry representatives to advise students.

But there will be more than just games. The program includes a typical school course, but individual programs are also planned for those who find it difficult to get the usual education.

The school’s website states that graduates will be able to go into different fields- from VR YouTubers to game writers, designers, programmers, and other professions related to games. Including streamers and professional gamers.

In January 2022, the school will hold an open day so that everyone who is interested can visit and learn more about the institution. How much it will cost to attend such a school is not reported.

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