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It Is Not Safe for the Children: A Gun That Resembles a Lego Toy Made People Angry

This Glock handgun was customized by Culper Precision to model the appearance of Lego building blocks
The Block19 has been pulled from sale after a legal complaint by Danish toy company Lego

About a week ago, a Utah-based company that produces custom firearms presented a new product. Glock pistols are encased in red, yellow, and blue Lego blocks and transform the weapon into children’s toys. The design of the kit was named BLOCK19, and its cost will vary from 549 to 765 dollars.

When rumors about a new product started to spread on the Internet, not everyone was happy with the news. Some people said that the idea of creating such a pistol would cost the children lives. The point is that every year thousands of children accidentally shoot themselves or others because they find a gun and pull the trigger.

For example, Kristin Song’s son, who was 15-years-old, died in 2018 after an accidental shooting. And while the law forbids making toys resemble a weapon, none of them prohibit making a weapon look like a toy.

However, the designers explain that their main aim was to show people the pleasure of shooting. And in their opinion, an aspect of firearms is neglected because people focus too much on the children who were killed.

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