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It Was Announced about a Remake, Starring DiCaprio, of Another Round Movie

another round

After winning the Oscar Award in the nomination of best foreign film, a remake where DiCaprio will star, was announced for Thomas Winterberg’s Danish film about drunk teachers.

A comedy-drama called Another Round, which tells us the story about a group of teachers trying to survive a semester while being intoxicated, will soon appear in an English-language remake.

Leonardo DiCaprio will play the main role of a man undergoing a midlife crisis. He and his three friends decide to research the influence of daily alcohol drinking. But finally, the companions lose control over the experiment.

DiCaprio’s company called Appian Way Productions won the rights to the planned film. Nine Stories and Universal Pictures also wanted to get the rights to Another Round movie. But in the end, DiCaprio was chosen, as people wanted to see him in the role of a middle-aged man. At the moment, the creators of the remake are looking for scriptwriters for the upcoming project.

Previously, the picture has already received the British BAFTA film award, as well as the main reward of the European Film Academy.

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