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Japanese BAPE Presents a New Collaborative Collection With COMME Des GARÇONS’

Japanese BAPE

The first information about the label’s collaboration was suddenly announced in summer 2020. The main theme of the collection became camouflage. And the new line will see the world on September 4. Everyone will afford to buy something from the assemblage that includes graphic T-Shirts, supplements, and a camouflage BAPE STAs. Items hardly differ from the previous. So the customers will exactly like it.

Hoodies and shirts use CdG branding to BAPE`s signature camo print. But the greatest hope is taken on the new sneakers, which are made in black and white colors.

Bape is not an especially young Japanese brand with a rather unusual design in terms of clothing. The full name of this company is A Bathing Ape, but everyone is used to an abbreviated version. So, he appeared in 1993 and created his music producer Tomoaki Nagao, also called Niggo.


The founder`s first created clothes were some T-shirts and hoodies that he just gave out to the poor and friends. He had no money for large-scale production, but in the end, it became a feature of the brand, and it became exclusive. The main gorilla logo of the brand was taken from the old science movie Planet of the Apes. Now around the world, there are 30 stores in large cities.

Kawakubo deliberately created clothes that were the exact opposite of what her European competitors did. Over the years, it quickly became known to fashion insiders as an independent and invincible house. People liked all the companies’ collaborations, so we hope that many others are still waiting for us!

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