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Japanese Electronic Device Manufacturer G-Shock Released the Winter Collection

Grunge Snow Camouflage

The popular Japanese electronic device manufacturer G-Shock which is famed for its fascinating watches has released a new winter collection The Grunge Snow Camouflage. The assemblage includes several models of totally white watches and also the creators used a special icy clean snow camouflage.

The inspiration for the line came from the first snow and winter icy days. Specific shapes and patterns will attract attention no matter what season. The watch Hero has a low DPI style that gives the incredible picture close-up. A snowflake is created from the hour markers made from the real resin. Another variant is represented with the bezel and dark green brand.

new g shock

The snowflake design is created from the white base with the help of multi-angle printing. Such a method gives every model uniqueness. The series contains four inventions. And all of them saved the habitual to the brand sizes, shock-resistance parameters, and water resistance. The digital display`s light allows seeing better at night. The countdown timer and the stopwatch also are present. The whole collection gives the opportunity to set the world time from the 31 time zones.

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