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Jared Leto Continues To Surprise With His Eccentricity: His Look at UFC 264 Went Viral

Jared Leto's wild UFC 264 outfit sparks hilarious memes

Jared Leto completed the list of celebrities who appeared at UFC 264. And the Gucci House star surprised everyone with his unusual choices in clothing. Soon, his look went viral, and memes started appearing on social media.

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For the long-awaited sports event that took place on Saturday, the 49-year-old actor chose a black blouse, which he complemented with a beaded necklace and massive sunglasses. But the main highlight of his outfit that fans especially liked, was a blue scarf he put on around his neck.

And immediately users of the social networks started making fun of the star’s unexpected outfit. Someone said that Leto looked like a seller of essential oils, while another added that Jared was going to sell groceries at a summer party. To others, he seemed like a jazz player who had drunk a few cocktails.

Among other stars who watched Dustin Poirier beating Conor McGregor were Sia, Kourtney Kardashian, and Justin Bieber.

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