A new electric aerial vehicle Jetson doesn`t need a pilot`s license to operate


Jetson One is a compact electric aerial vehicle designed specially to operate without the pilot`s license. The top speed of the flying car is 63 miles per hour. The invention has 8 electric motors. 

No license is needed due to the small size and the top speed is less than 55 nautical miles per hour. The car can operate for continual 20 minutes. Safety is provided- emergency controls, parachute, ability to fly with the loss of one motor.

People will be able to purchase the creation in 2023, it will cost $90000. The car will be partially disassembled but the developers claim that it will not cost a lot of effort. We  especially think it is an amazing design!

So, what can you say about the playful invention? Do you want to fly it? Leave your comments below the article!

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