The Comedian-Actor Jim Carrey Announced That He Is Ending His Acting Career

jim carrey ending acting career

The world got stressed after Jim Carrey’s official announcement of retirement. The great film star shared in an interview with Access Hollywood that he is tired of such an active life and wants simply to paint on canvas and read books. And it doesn’t sound like an April Fool joke at all.

The Hollywood star also noted that he would be ready to participate in new projects if it would be important for people. It will happen only if he feels that it is worth it. The celebrity was spinning in the cinema for almost 40 years. To remind you, Carrey began his career as a stand-up comedian. He first appeared in a film in 1983.

The current news fell like snow on our heads. Frankly saying, we really hope that the announcement was just a joke. We especially propose you remember all the iconic films he starred in and enjoy them instead of being sad.

And what can you say about the news? What is your favorite film with the actor? Leave your comments below the article!

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