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John Mayer’s G-SHOCK’s 6900 Watches in the Collaboration With the HODINKEE

John Mayer G-SHOCK 6900 Watches

It is known for everyone, if the person is talented, he is talented in all areas. The famous overworld musician, John Mayer is the real example. It’s a great delight for the ears to hear his guitar playing. But the man`s refined taste characterized his collection of the watches.

The guitar player has a Patek Philippe with a perpetual calendar, Rolex Daytona in the color of black and gold, and the green one has been already associated with the performer, that many call John Mayer. Also, he has a Rolex Submariner with the logo of a French diving company Comex on the dial.

The last Mayer`s work, Ref. 6900-PT80 were invented in collaboration with G-SHOCK. The inspiration came to the author from the deep `80s. The one distinctive sign of the invention is the embossed names of the HODINKEE`s and Mayer.

The instrumentalist has been setting trends in watch collecting for the past ten years. Many people choose to wear only those models that the musician collects. John is one of those who attracted attention to vintage watches and collecting, turning them into a fashionable hobby.

Exactly, the artist introduced the fashion for watches with provenance, because every model in his collection has a rich story. But the most seductive thing is that he has never agreed to be an ambassador of such manufactures.

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