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Jordan Outfit Guide for You: Find Out All about Clothes That Go with Jordans

Air Jordan (also called “Jordans”) are the most popular sneakers around the world. Fans of the brand have been waiting for the release of new models for months: they even get into special queues and participate in contests to win the opportunity to buy the coveted pair first.

In general, if you have Jordans, then you are “in style”. By the way, you also need to wear them correctly: with bombers, wide jeans, and leather jackets. Next, we will tell you about outfits to wear with Jordans.

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Without a doubt, the most popular shoe today is the Air Jordan 1. High, medium, or low doesn’t matter. The hottest fashionistas and models in their free time constantly wear this silhouette on the streets of New York in between casting and a cup of coffee. The Jordan 1 has been transformed by a long-awaited collaboration between artists and top design houses, proving it to be a luxury item in any hypebeast’s closet.

High-top sneakers or hi-tops have become part of the men’s wardrobe. Designers suggest wearing them with clothes of different styles and styles. Today such shoes can be seen in combination with cargo, a classic three-piece suit, or regular jeans with a tapered cut. There are a lot of options for clothes that go with Jordans, but for a harmonious stylish look, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the key tips for building a combination of high-top sneakers with clothes.

What to Wear with Jordans?

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Nowadays, it is not so often tucked into high-top sneakers. The best solution would be doorways. Moreover, not only and not so many jeans are wrapped, but classic trousers, both narrowed and very wide.

Other helpful notes:

  • a bow built on 1–2 classic colors will be interestingly complemented by red or other bright colors of sneakers;
  • a safe solution looks like a combination of a top and shoes of the same shade or print (example: black and white sneakers and a color-block sweatshirt).

What Pants to Wear with Jordans?

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  • Torn. For a top, take a bomber jacket, jacket, coat, T-shirt, or long sleeve. Try to keep the jacket not too pretentious or flashy. Ripped jeans are a strong accent. No need to try to interrupt him. If such an idea appears, then take things with very complex and bright ornaments.
  • Straight. Jordan 1 with jeans looks especially good on the turn-ups. Almost any option is suitable as a top. For example, a gray T-shirt and a knitted hat of the same tone.

Wide. Allow the pant leg to fall freely or tuck it up. When wearing for the first time, make sure that there are not many folds at the bottom. In the second case, you need to act boldly: the gate should be high.

From trousers, chinos and cargo seem to be a universal solution. Well, brave, bright young people should try to wear a tapered blazer with white or gray high-top sneakers. So you have found the answer, what to wear with black Jordans.

The Combination of High-Top Sneakers with Outerwear

Jordan Outfit men

A bomber jacket, both long and short, will definitely be appropriate. When choosing the length, you need to build on the rest of the objects in the image and the features of the figure. The same can be said for the material. Depending on the model of sneakers and the style of trousers, a regular bomber jacket, leather or fur, will fit into the overall mood of the bow. You should try to wear a suede thing with crosses made of exactly the same material.

Perhaps the most obvious Jordan 1 outfit is jeans, a sweatshirt, and a bomber jacket. If you focus on details, then remember a few important rules. First, it is best to opt for selvage jeans. Combined with sneakers, they have no equal. Secondly, bright accessories can bring life to even the most boring image. And thirdly, the colors of the “First Jordans” are unshakable, so take advantage of this.

It makes sense to consider the option of a raincoat below or above the knee. A voluminous model with large patch pockets will come in handy if you add wide fabric trousers (preferably cropped ones, but only if the style and occasion allow) and an oversized sweatshirt to the image.

Others Recommended Outerwear Items:

  • down jacket (models of bright colors are in fashion, as well as silver and white cropped ones; the presence of a hood is a big plus);
  • sheepskin coat (choose a shortened light brown shade or a long fitted one with a belt and a turn-down collar);
  • parka (the look will be complemented by a multi-layer combination of a sweatshirt with a hood and a T-shirt with a sleeve, or from a long sleeve and an insulated shirt, possibly a checkered one).

How to Dress with Jordans?

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  • Corduroy denim trousers, chunky knit cardigan, bright hat, coat. The jacket this season may not be monochromatic. Things are in fashion that tells whole stories with the help of drawings. Also, the specified list of items can be easily expanded with a turtleneck or a shirt, see the furnishings here and the answer is how to style Jordans.
  • Blue jeans (tuck in the inside of the sneakers), a belt, a loose long sleeve (you can print or plain white), a raincoat with a turn-down collar. The upper wardrobe item can be slightly below or above the knee. A little in this case is the size of the palm. If the look seems too bland, you can beat it with an elongated shirt-cut cardigan (worn unbuttoned) and how-to-rock Jordan’s glasses.
  • Moderately tapered Jordan 1 with shorts made of thin denim with turn-ups, a wide and long shirt made of durable material (you can use denim). It is better to roll up the sleeves, so they begin to overlap with the folded bottom. Let the shirt go up. If the final bow seems boring, you can beat it with a bag (large hand luggage, preferably leather), a cap, and glasses (sunglasses). A backpack will do as well, and you already know how to wear the Jordan 1.
  • The shirt is completely replaceable for a T-shirt. You can wear it as a stand-alone top or as a base for a bomber jacket. Well, a shirt made of light material or with a very bright pattern should be tucked in. In this case, a belt is required. Additionally, you can wear a jacket, hat, or suspenders (separately).
jordan outfit guide men
  • Slightly skinny blue jeans (it is worth trying to wear ripped ones), a long white logo sleeve, a long gray sweatshirt with a hood (it is desirable that it has black lettering or drawing of this shade), a short black leather jacket, a cap (black, dark blue), white high Jordan shoe outfit sneakers.
  • A brown raincoat, olive sweatpants (you can have a camouflage or denim print), a gray wide and short long-sleeved T-shirt, white high-top sneakers. If you replace the sportswear with cargo pants of the same color, then you can take a white jacket and a long sleeve or a T-shirt to match the Jordan guide as the top.

You are now familiar with outfits that go with Jordans thanks to our team information that we have prepared for you.

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