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Justin Bieber Sets a New Record, He Is Now the Most Popular Artist on Spotify

Popular Artist on Spotify

On August 30, Justin Bieber broke a new record. According to streaming giant Spotify, the artist’s hit I Don’t Care has officially become the most listened to on the platform.

Namely, the pop star has earned a total of 83.3 million listeners per month based on data from the last month. This is the first time a singer in Spotify history has achieved this kind of performance.

In this rating, behind Bieber is another Canadian musician, The Weeknd, who gained 74.53 million listeners per month. And in the third place is the Englishman Ed Sheeran, who now can boast 72.41 million. The most popular woman on Spotify is Dua Lipa who got 65.5 million streams per month.

Canadian pop R&B singer has been consistently performing well in the charts lately thanks to his latest album Justice from the sixth album, released in March, and the single STAY. The song instantly became a favorite of TikTok, for four weeks in a row topped the list of Billboard Hot 100, as well as all kinds of world charts.

This week MTV announced the list of nominees for the forthcoming event, Video Music Awards 2021. And among the absolute leaders is Justin Bieber himself.

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