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Find Out How to Dress Like Kanye West – Kanye West Fashion Line Will Surprise You

Kanye West outfits

During his career, Kanye West stylist has achieved success in several areas at once: the music industry, the fashion industry – everyone knows West’s name firsthand. By forcing the whole world to listen and sing along to the songs Ultralight Beam, Ni ** as in Paris and Runaway, in 2009 Kanye began a new era in life – Yeezy. Yeezy-inspired clothing has always been partial to fashion – at the beginning of his musical career, he managed to collaborate with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bape, and Nike.

Well, then the rap artist declared his passion for design and architecture, launched his own creative bureau, and became actively involved in the production of sneakers and Kanye West attire. Striving to dress other people beautifully, Kanye has not forgotten about himself – the star is called one of the most stylish men on the planet. West regularly pleases fans with slightly careless, as if collected in a hurry and effortlessly, images. But at the same time, it is to him that we owe many modern trends.

Kanye West Clothing Men

Kanye West new look

The first Yeezy clothing collection came out only in 2015. But even before the debut show, West managed to declare to the world that he is the main fashion guru here. Sal is one of the first black performers to be recognized by the fashion community. From the first days on stage, Kanye experimented with wardrobe, first giving preference to pastel shades, and later changing into suits, high-top sneakers, and the very Alain Mikli glasses with which his image has long been associated.

By completely redesigning Kim’s wardrobe and dressing her up with the best designers, West once again demonstrated his outstanding stylistic skills. Kanye West’s inspired outfit is still in charge of his own wardrobe: the artist prefers a muted palette of shades, dark denim, and leather. Coming from the old school of hip-hop, West retained a love of oversize and the traditional attributes of rappers: large chains, massive bracelets and rings, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

Kanye West Street Style

Kanye manages to harmoniously use sports items in his everyday wardrobe, but at the same time he does not look like a person who has just left the house for groceries: the artist always pays attention to fabrics and color – even in a T-shirt and joggers, he looks absolutely luxurious. What brand does Kanye West wear? On Sundays, Kanye holds church services, which he loves to come to in Yeezy’s own creations. On weekdays, you will see him in black and brown leather pants, rough Bottega Veneta boots, or new Yeezy sneakers, as well as in a graphic print T-shirt, oversized hoodie, or denim jacket. The 20-time Grammy winner loves bombers – Kanye wears them every day and prefers them to tuxedos on the red carpet.

For social events, Kanye West fashion style chooses suits – black or dark blue. West always tried to make Kim Kardashian the center of attention on the red carpet – in the photo, he often poses a little behind his wife, and even chooses restrained and dark tones in outfits. But no matter how hard West tries to hide from the spotlights, true connoisseurs of fashion always highlight his stylish and modern images.

Instead of a classic shirt, under a suit, the artist wears a long sleeve or a T-shirt and always adds a thick chain. Instead of Kanye West boots – sneakers, which he tucked in trousers and jeans. Kanye loves denim, and therefore often collects denim total bows, which he wears for Saturday parties and social events. Despite his passion for natural and muted shades, the artist adores camouflage prints, and also regularly wears bright things like a red jacket, blue suit, or green trousers.

Kanye West Style Outfits

Kanye West costume

“Tell who your friend is, and I’ll tell you who you are,” or the story that West’s best friends Heron Preston, Virgil Abloh, and Matthew Williams are the designers who are now dictating fashion and trends around the world. Both Abloh and Williams have repeatedly stated that they owe their success and career to Kanye West outfits. For those who are not in the know, we tell you: Matthew Williams saw the rapper in Corpus, even before the designer came to Givenchy and even before the founding of the 1017 ALYX 9SM brand. Williams designed live and everyday things for West and later took over as art director of the creative agency Donda.

Heron Preston held a similar position. Virgil Abloh started out as a creative assistant for the Kanye West fashion line, working on cover design, show design, and invitations to the artist’s concerts, and later became his stylist and friend. Together with Abloh, Kanye launched the first clothing brand Pastelle, which, unfortunately, never presented a full-fledged collection. But the artist proudly walked the things of his own production, being, as always, the best model for his own design.

And we still can’t forget the moment when Abloh and West burst into tears at Virgil’s debut show as creative director for the Louis Vuitton menswear line. And they say that friendship does not exist in the fashion industry.

Kanye West Fashion Outfits

Kanye West’s best outfits have always been several steps ahead of their peers. This can be seen in his bows, and in what he creates for Yeezy and how to dress like Yeezy. West is passionate about technology, which is why all of his sneakers are designed with the latest developments in the works of Adidas and guest sneaker designer Stephen Smith.

For example, the Yeezy Foam Runner is made entirely of special foam made from algae. The artist’s company itself is engaged in the cultivation of plants. The design of sneakers, by the way, is criticized by many: new memes appear on the Web every now and then, where they compare Yeezy shoes with a plastic colander, or with “crocs”. Kanye has a positive attitude towards this kind of PR and seems to be deliberately trying to start a conversation. To collaborate with Gap, West is also turning to sustainable materials. On his birthday, the artist presented a down jacket made from recycled nylon.

In it, the rap artist, despite the June heat, managed to show off in front of the photographers (and even with a bag on his head instead of a mask, but these are details). If someone is ready to make sacrifices for the sake of fashion, then this is definitely Kanye West’s new look.

Some Details about Kanye West Fashion Week

Kanye West style outfits

By the end of the first decade of the 2000s, Kanye is trying all-new fashion experiments. He chooses clothes in colorful colors, wears Mocnler puffy vests, uniforms, and Kanye West accessories in real fur and a Kanye West costume. Kanye is established as a new style icon, strikes up friendships with designers, and becomes a regular guest at fashion shows. And for the first time, he tries himself as a designer. In 2009, West collaborated with Louis Vuitton, which at the time was under the creative direction of Marc Jacobs, for fashion week.

The result of the collaboration is a line of eight striking sneakers that can still be found on resellers for $20,000. Like any self-respecting rapper, Kanye has always loved sneakers: “No one can say that I don’t understand how to design men’s sneakers. When I was in fourth grade, I drew ‘Jordans’ in class. I was kicked out of class because I drew sneakers, he said. Kanye’s a collaboration with Louis Vuitton becomes a precedent – previously, black musicians did not work on an equal footing with brands in this segment. Kanye is paving the way for the next generation of rappers, and now A $ AP Rocky as the face of Dior and Gucci is no longer surprising Kanye West streetwear.

A decade ago, the Kanye West Balenciaga’s feud with Drake began. From time to time it was replaced by friendship and even comments about possible cooperation. But after Drake urged not to wear the Yeezy Boost 350 in the text of “No Stylist”, and in the track “In My Feelings” hinted at his connection with Kim, Kanye published a series of tweets and videos dedicated to this story. West rebuked Drake for being responsible for his actions and advised him not to write any more tracks that somehow mention his family. The other day, the rapper refused to perform at the Coachella festival, which he was announced as a headliner because the organizers do not want to build a separate huge stage for him under the dome, and then everyone knew what jeans do Kanye West wear.
Kanye assures that the main stage is too small for him. He wants everything or nothing. The rapper remains himself and is not afraid to show himself in different ways. He publishes philosophical thoughts on Twitter along with funny pictures, in one track he mentions religion and swears, and suggests wearing sports leggings with mules with stilettos. All this is about the freedom of manifestation in different forms, about the freedom to be yourself. And while freedom is in vogue, so will Kanye. Now you know how to dress like Kanye West, thanks to our information.

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