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Kevin Spacey, Previously Accused of Harassment, Will Star in a New Italian Film

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Kevin Spacey, who was accused of harassment of men, got his first new role in 4 years. Since 2017, when dozens of men blamed him for sexual harassment, the actor wasn’t proposed any film role. But now he will star in the film “The Man Who Drew God” (L’uomo Che Disegno Dio) by the director from Italy Franco Nero. The film will tell the story of the ups and falls in a life of a blind artist. He has the gift of painting accurate portraits of people but only after hearing their voice. The main role will be played by the director’s wife Vanessa Redgrave. The director is very happy that Kevin will be able to participate in his film. He added that he thinks he is an excellent actor and is willing to start filming the movie.

In 2017, about thirty men accused Kevin Spacey of harassment. One of them reported that the actor bothered him in 1986, when the victim was 14 years old, which caused Spacey to be suspended from filming in the TV series “House of Cards”, and also been completely cut from the movie “All the money in the world.”
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