KFC Created the Kentucky Scorcher Sandwich That Is Served With a Free Milk

kentucky scorcher sandwich

The popular international chain of catering restaurants specializing in chicken dishes KFC has released its new spicy Kentucky Scorcher Sandwich. The visitors will get a free bottle of milk in addition to the burger. It’s all about the extraordinary sharpness of the sandwich.

The chicken burger was created to add some variety to its menu. The item consists of fried chicken, scorcher sauce made from the Carolina Reaper, combined with the pickles, spicy mayonnaise, and a toasted bun. The dish is rated at 13,500 Scoville, the measure of the spiciness of vegetable peppers.

The interesting fact is that it has already been a tradition in Japan for many families to go to this restaurant or order chicken to take home for Christmas.

Have you ever attended a restaurant? Do you think KFC is the worthy rival of McDonald’s? Let us know in the comments below!

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