The Court Has Sentenced Those Responsible for Lorenzen Wright’s Death

lorenzen wright`s murderer

The court finally found guilty in Lorenzen Wright`s death. The American basketball player`s body was found shot to death in the town where he was born, Memphis. The tragedy happened almost 12 years ago.

It took 2 hours for 12 groups to decide the verdict for 51-year-old Billy Ray Turner. Ultimately the man will be responsible for deliberate football, the assassination of victims, and criminal associations in the death of Wright. To remind you, Wright was the 2.10-meter center famed for his 13 seasons in the NBA. Billy was sentenced to a life term.

The criminalists found Wright’s decaying body shot in a swamp in the east of Memphis in far 2010, July 28. The 34-year-old man has been missing for several days. The court proved that Wright’s ex-wife, Sherra, was the organizer of the murder. She attracted Turner and his cousin to help in this deal. The woman received a sentence of 30 years in prison.

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