Precious Card With Late Kobe Bryant Was Sold for 2 Million Dollars and Broke the Record

Kobe Bryant Card

A rare card depicting Kobe Bryant was sold last week. A precious metal item with gems was estimated at 2 million dollars and broke the record. So, it is now officially considered the most expensive card with the late athlete to hit the market.

Created in 1997-98, the card appeared on PWCC Marketplace. One of ten cards that exist today received an 8.5 grade.

The piece is so rare and unique because its design is completed with emeralds. In addition, it is lucky to find one in such good condition.

So, this price is caused both by the quality and the sportsman himself who tragically passed away in a crash. Now, people want to pay tribute to the legendary basketball player who is remembered as one of the greatest athletes of all time and has admirers across the planet.

In 2021, a collectible card with his image was sold at Goldin Auctions for 1.8 million dollars. It was reported that there are only two such cards left in the world, which are in perfect condition.

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