Brooklyn Defenseman Kyrie Irving Showed His Middle Finger to a Boston Fan

kyrie irving boston fans

Brooklyn defenseman Kyrie Irving mocked Boston fans during the first game in Boston (114:115). The man was greeted with whistles. In the second half of the game, Irving showed his middle finger and shouted you to someone in the stands, and in the fourth quarter, he put his fists to his eyes, hinting at the touchiness of the audience. The athlete was fined 40 thousand dollars.

Irving explained his behavior to the fans of the Boston Celtics at the news conference. It has already been a normal situation when people try to get him out of it. Every successful athlete has to understand that everything can happen on the field. There is one rule in his team that all the players need to behave with restraint with the fans. But when the spectators treat him this way, he responds to them in kind.

Kyrie explained that he cannot help but react to such statements as weak, go to the ass, and others. He always looks straight in the eye to see if his opponent is ready to answer the words.

And what can you say about the news? Do you justify the athlete’s behavior? Let us know in the comments below!

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