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Full Body Laser Hair Removal for Men: Find Out Where Do Men Do It?!

laser hair removal chest

How many unpleasant sensations, and sometimes just pain, men have to endure during and after daily shaving. Cosmetic companies make millions annually from various cooling and moisturizing after-shave gels. However, a good gel or well-chosen shaving razors cannot solve the problem of ingrown hairs after shaving, redness, and allergies. Now all these daily troubles can be solved once and for all with the help of laser shaving.

As the practice of most domestic beauty salons shows, women are the main clients of hair removal rooms. However, it is not a secret for anyone that the strong half of humanity also devotes a lot of time to their appearance. And rightly so – according to polls of various social studies, about 90% of women first pay attention to the neat, well-groomed appearance of men.

In addition, male Brazilian laser hair removal can also help for medical reasons – for example, with sensitive and delicate skin, with allergic reactions to the components of male caring cosmetics, and in some other, more specific cases.

Laser hair removal back before and after for men is practically no different from laser hair removal for women – the technology is the same, but in the case of men there are several important nuances. For example, in contrast to women’s, men’s skin is coarser, the hair lies a little deeper in the skin tissue, and the hair structure itself is harder and thicker. That is why men may need several longer sessions for the procedure to be effective and subsequently, unwanted hairs stop growing.

However, not all men decide to do laser hair removal on a man’s face or on the body, even for medical reasons. And all because of the myths that have overgrown the topic of male hair removal.

Description of the Procedure

laser hair removal buttocks male

Laser epilation of small areas is performed without anesthesia. Anesthetics are applied to large areas and sensitive areas (if necessary). An additional anesthetic effect is provided by the coolant on the laser manipulator.

There are 3 types of lasers in total: alexandrite, neodymium, and diode. A dermatologist selects them depending on the patient’s skin phototype.

Most often, male full body laser hair removal is performed in the following areas:

  • eyebrow
  • mustache and beard
  • chest
  • Stomach
  • back
  • intimate area
  • Thighs and shins.

The doctor holds the laser over the patient’s skin. Due to radiation, the hair follicle heats up and dies off along with the root. The surrounding tissue does not interact with the laser in any way. All that the patient feels during the procedure is warmth and a slight tingling sensation in the affected area.

Duration of the Procedure

The duration of laser hair removal depends on the area in which the procedure is performed. Laser hair removal scalp removal will not take more than 5 minutes. It will take 20 minutes to remove vegetation from the back.

Rehabilitation Period: Restrictions and Care

There is no recovery period after laser hair removal. Immediately after the manipulation, the person can go home and go about their daily activities. For two weeks after hair removal, beauticians recommend the following:

Apply Moisturizing and Emollient Creams to Your Skin

  • avoid exposure to direct sunlight;
  • refuse to visit baths, saunas, and swimming pools;
  • Avoid mechanical irritation from jewelry, accessories, and clothing.


The procedure gives instant results. The redness goes away a couple of hours after the procedure. Large areas of the body may require 5 to 10 treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Chest

Strong hair growth in the chest area does not look very aesthetically pleasing, in summer it leads to profuse sweating. Therefore, many men get rid of hair in different ways – by shaving, using wax, and other hair removal products. This is short-term, painful, and can have negative effects in the form of irritation, breakouts, and ingrown hairs. Modern laser hair removal for men is the only effective way to get rid of unwanted vegetation for a long time. After a full course, the skin becomes smooth and well-groomed, so this procedure will be appreciated by athletes, artists, and everyone who cares about their appearance.

How painful is the epilation of a male breast?

Laser hair removal in the salon is absolutely painless, you may feel a slight tingling sensation. Comfort is ensured by the following factors:

  • The laser beam acts directly on the follicle without affecting the adjacent skin;
  • The equipment used has a powerful cooling system;
  • With increased skin sensitivity, it is possible to use an anesthetic gel.

Laser Hair Removal Chest and Stomach

Abdomen with abundant hair does not look very aesthetically pleasing, and “vegetation” also increases perspiration. Hair can cover the entire surface or grow along a white line – from the pubis to the navel. Shaving or waxing in this area only has a temporary effect. Without pain, safely and comfortably, we will relieve you of the problem of excess hair.

Modern body hair removal technique for men

The effectiveness of the laser procedure directly depends on the device that is used.

When using a diode laser, the skin does not heat up at all, which can occur when using other devices. It demonstrates effectiveness on all skin phototypes – from light Scandinavian to dark, removes hairs of any color except gray.

Laser Hair Removal Buttocks Male

The peculiarities of the male body often consist of excessive hair growth in various parts of the body, including the buttocks and intergluteal folds. Removing hair in delicate areas using traditional methods is quite painful and does not give the desired result. Laser epilation of the buttocks for men will help to solve this problem – a safe, highly effective, and comfortable procedure. The laser beam completely removes hairs in hard-to-reach areas and in areas with increased sensitivity. Smooth, well-groomed skin stays on for a long time.

The principle of laser hair removal is the effect of a focused beam of light waves on the hair follicle. Their length is selected individually. The beam penetrates the skin to a depth of 2-3 mm and acts on the follicle in a targeted manner. Manipulations are accompanied by cooling, so there is no discomfort. Melanin absorbs light energy, which leads to heating and subsequent destruction of the hair follicle.

Hair falls out together with the root and its growth stops for several years. The hairs that are in the active phase of growth are removed, therefore, for complete removal, you will need to undergo a course of procedures, the number of which is determined by the cosmetologist.

Laser Hair Removal Back

laser hair removal back

A well-groomed body without abundant hair is a requirement for representatives of various professions. In addition to dancers and athletes, those who care about beauty and hygiene also get rid of “vegetation”. Traditional methods – depilation, mechanical removal, are already a thing of the past. Nowadays, laser hair removal on the back of men is popular – without pain, effectively, and for a long time. Additionally, the skin is healed, acne and other cosmetic imperfections disappear.

Men’s hair is thicker, coarser, and more pigmented than women’s hair because the body contains more testosterone. Therefore, to achieve the desired result, men need to go through more sessions.

During laser hair removal, a focused beam acts on melanin, as a result of which the follicle is destroyed. At the same time, the surrounding skin and tissues are not injured, therefore laser treatment is absolutely safe.

Only those hairs that are in the growth stage are removed. Therefore, in order to completely get rid of hair growth, you need to complete a full course, which is approximately 7-8 sessions for the back.

The exact number of procedures depends on individual characteristics, the stiffness and color of the hairs, age, and the area to be treated.

Beard Laser Hair Removal

A well-groomed man’s beard looks stylish, but many men prefer smooth skin. When coarse black hair grows intensively, visible stubble appears even shortly after shaving, which is a problem. The modern method allows you to get rid of unwanted “vegetation”, including ingrown hairs. At the same time – no irritation, allergies, and shaving twice a day!

The result is visible after the first procedure, the hairs become smaller and thinner. Since the laser beam affects the follicles that are in the active phase, it will take several sessions, from 5 to 12, to complete the full course to achieve a lasting effect.

The specific number of visits is determined for each client and depends on the following factors:

  • Skin type;
  • The degree of pigmentation;
  • Growth rate;
  • The thickness and density of the hairs.

And this is far from the end of all laser hair removal zones. There are still many such places, such as laser hair removal testicles, then laser hair removal balls, and many others.

Men’s Laser Hair Removal Cost

best laser hair removal for men

Indeed, the best laser hair removal for men procedure costs money. However, are they big? Depending on the intensity of hair growth, on the type of skin, on how deeply the hair follicle lies in the skin, and on some other individual factors, several best home laser procedures may be needed for complete hair removal on the face, chest, back, or hands. Hair removal for men. The exact amount can be prescribed by a specialist after examination, you can also clarify with him can you get laser hair removal on your balls and find out the answers to other questions of interest.

We hope you enjoyed our information on laser hair removal for men.

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