LeBron James Came in 2nd Place in the List of the Best Scorers in the History of the NBA

lebron james new title

Lakers center LeBron James bypassed Karl Malone in career points against Washington. Malone has 36928 points and the task was to dial 19 points in the last game against the Wizards (119-127). The man not only did the job but exceeded the plan and scored twice as much as 38.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t help Washington win, the Lakers suffered their ninth defeat after the All-Star Break. But the athlete replenished the treasury of his personal achievements. And now the title of the number two scorer in league history is attached to him. Wizards fans have greeted James’ success with a standing ovation.

To remind you, James needed to play 1363 games to cover Malone’s achievement, the Utah player had 1476 games. The eternal desire of an athlete to be the best is not surprising. Did you know that LeBron’s father was a famous streetball player in Ohio?

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