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LeBron James Hit a 3-Point at the End of the Possession and Won against Golden State

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Lakers forward LeBron James, with an equal score of 100:100, hit 3-point at the end of the possession against Golden State. The decisive score happened 58.2 seconds before the final siren arrived. 

After the win, LeBron shared about the challenge of hitting, when the Warriors’ player Draymond Green’s finger got in his eye. Green punched James in the eye right 2 minutes before the end of the match. The 36-years-old player saw three rims and decided to throw it to the middle one. And it turned out to be the right decision. LeBron has already experienced an eye injury before. “It is not a big deal. The eye will hurt for two days, but the main thing is that we won an important victory”- said the player. This means that LeBron can play at the age of 80. Even being blind, he manages to win key matches.

This desperate shot led the Lakers to the NBA playoffs. In the first cup round, Los Angeles will now face Phoenix, and Golden State will fight for the last place in the knockout stages against Memphis.
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