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Lil Nas X Is Getting Bigger. The Rapper Has Officially Become the Most Popular on Spotify

Lil Nas X is continuing to grow bigger

Lil Nas X is continuing to grow bigger, having 52,318,623 listeners per month. The artist is now considered the most popular male rapper on Spotify. He even topped DaBaby who previously abused gays during the concert.

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Lil Nas X, whose album will arrive soon, has released a few songs along with music videos that have received a wave of appreciation. The artist’s recent song Industry Baby, produced by Kanye West, took second position on the Billboard Hot 100. This week, it became known that the track gained 100 million on the Spotify platform. In addition, in the two weeks period, the music video filmed in prison style boasted 73 million views on YouTube.

A few months ago, the artist released his Montero song which became the second hit that takes 1 place on the Billboard Hot 100. The song and the video clip tell about courage and love yourself, and were created in honor of his younger self. By this moment, 321 million people have watched the video on YouTube.

Lil Nas X debuted a few years ago, and since then he is continuing to surprise the fans. His well-known song, called Old Town Road, still remains at 1 place on the Billboard Hot 100. The track also went to history after being 19 weeks at the top. The official video for the song now has 800 million views on YouTube.

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