Reebok and Warner Bros created Looney Tunes Collection in the style of the `90s

reebok x looney tunes

The new collection, Reebok x Looney Tunes, was launched by famous brands inspired by the `90s fashion. A lot of sweaters, footwear, T-shirts especially for the Lunar New Year. It is the fifth assemblage in Reebok and Warner Bros collaboration.

looney tunes tshirt

The line is built on the fun and exaggerated nature of the cartoon`s character. All shoes were created based on the heros’ ones. Reebok Classic Leather Legacy AZ is inspired by the `80s. The color of the item is grey/pink. Royal Techque T is made in honor of Wile E. Coyote and his great love for dynamite. T-shirts have a round neckline and Looney Tunesgraphics. The fans of the cartoon can purchase the assemblage on Reebok online store. Another part of the line will be shown in spring.

looney tunes sneakers

And what do you think about the playful collection? Do you like brands` production? Look forward to your feedback!

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