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Marilyn Manson’s Assistant Charged Him of Another Sexual Assault and Beating

Marilyn Manson

Another Marilyn Manson’s sexual assault came out. The singer was again accused of new sexual assault and attack charges. This time, the former Marilyn Manson’s assistant, named Ashley Walters, joined the list of girls who are asking to punish the scandalous rocker for harassment, rape, and abuse.

Ashley filed a lawsuit against Marylin Manson for assault, beatings, and harassment, claiming that he treated her “like shit” and also boasted to his friends about violence against women. The pure girl experienced not only harassment and attempted rape but also severe psychological pressure.

According to Marilyn Manson’s assistant, who worked for him for several years, she suffered the humiliation and harassment of the musician for a long time until she spoke about Marilyn Manson’s assault with another alleged victim. The star of Game of Thrones Esme Bianco told the rocker’s assistant to run away from him as soon as possible. The actress feared that Manson “could be very dangerous.” As a result, Manson found out about the girls’ talking and immediately fired Walters. But not for long.

A week later, he again offered her a job. And it turned into a real hell: the musician shouted at her, while being on drugs, as well as forced her to work for 48 hours without a break. She admitted that Manson once made her stand on a chair for 12 hours, photographing him.

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