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Marvel Fans Have Celebrated the 99th Birthday of the Mythical Stan Lee

stan lee

Stan Lee is famed as a creator of Spider-Man, Hulk, and many other famous characters. The popular comics writer is named the king of this pop culture. Yesterday the man would have turned 99. So, Marvel fans all over the world came to commemorate the legend on social media. Exactly on his creations, more than one generation was brought up. Everyone wants to be like these heroes.

Lee was not only the writer, he used to edit, produce and publish comics. He also tried to explain to the followers why it is dangerous to use the prohibited drugs in his Spider-Man. And even Stan stepped down from the habitual duties on Marvel due to his age, the man was still considered the outstanding figure in the comics world.

Stan Lee left a significant mark in the comics industry. We will never forget the person that could make our childhood fantastic!

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