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Meet New Lexus LC 500 Convertible Which according to the Test Can Work at -18 °C

New Lexus LC 500

Car lovers will surely remember when Richard Hammond of the BBC’s TopGear put a Citroën C1 in the freezer and won a man versus car battle. Now, Lexus presents its LC 500 Convertible which has been tested at -18 °C to see how it functions.

The new video, revealed by Lexus, is no doubt one of the coolest driving videos on the Internet. There we see the LC 500 Convertible after diving into the Large Climate Chamber, easy spinning its five-liter V8 engine. Before that, the car was in the chamber for 12 hours and was overwhelmed with water before turning into ice.

This research, conducted by engineers from the Vehicle Testing Laboratory, was successful and showed that the car can not only start being in this state but also easily function in extremely cold conditions.

And while all the interior components will be extremely stressed, and it isn’t pleasant to sit there, the results of the study turned out to be much better than expected. After the start, the heated seats and steering wheel turned on, and on the road, we can see how ice literally pours from the LC 500 convertible.
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