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Meet Rolls-Royce Cullinan Designed by Drake Together with Chrome Hearts

rolls royce cullinan

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan could be the most luxurious SUV ever. A magnificent remix of the familiar Rolls-Royce from Chrome Hearts can really be called an art. The resulting black monster will be presented at the Institute of Contemporary Art located in Miami on May 15.

Custom-made for Canadian rapper Drake, the SUV looks like any other version of the Cullinan. But a closer look at the unusual car reveals much more unique details made in the characteristic Gothic style. The changes can be noticed at the top of the hood in the form of a triple cemetery cross. The standard wheels have also been replaced with custom-made aluminum wheels with the Chrome Hearts logo and ‘Fuck You’ lettering in Gothic script.

The interior has been completely redesigned. It is all finished in black leather with diamonds, crosses, and silver accents, including the dashboard and interior door panels. A leather key holder is completing the transformation.

It took a year to set up the SUV and it is considered a part of the release of Drake’s upcoming sixth album. But why did he choose Chrome Hearts? It looks like the rapper really loves the luxury brand. Last year, he was spotted wearing a diamond Rolex watch along with a gold Chrome Hearts bracelet. And that summer he showed up in one of the brand’s basketball T-shirts while filming in the song’s video.

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