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Men with “Belly” Turned Out to Be the Most Attractive to Women in 2021

dad bod

According to the recent poll, men with a “belly” turned out to be the most attractive to women in 2021. The study involved two thousand women who currently do not have a partner. And 75 percent of them would prefer to start a relationship with a man whose figure is in the network called Dad Bod. This is characterized by the absence of muscle relief and the presence of excess weight in the belly.

During a pandemic, lonely people begin to find more attractive different types of figures, because they know how hard it is to keep themselves in shape being constantly at home, psychologists say. According to the poll by the American Psychological Association, 42 percent of the 3,013 poll participants gained an average of 13 kilograms during quarantine.

It is known that the term Dad Bod was coined by the American Mackenzie Pearson in March 2015. The phrase gained wide popularity on social media after the paparazzi published a photo of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio in swimming shorts, where the star has the grown belly.

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