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Where to Buy Signet Rings – A Complete Guide about Men’s Signet Rings

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Do not think that jewelry for a man is not comme il faut! On the contrary, elegant and carefully selected men’s watches, cuff links, or a chain around the neck will give a man a special charm. In addition, the dandy style just presupposes a restrained tone in clothes, but with the addition of stylish details. Such, for example, as a silver or gold men’s signet. Indeed, unique signet rings were and remain one of the purely masculine jewelry, austere and elegant. With all this, men’s engraved signet rings are clearly visible due to their rather large size.

Today’s article is the beginning of a small series of publications entirely devoted to such an interesting and important topic as men’s seals. We will tell you where they came from and what purposes they served in the past. We cover in detail the question of how to correctly and sensibly choose and buy a men’s gold signet ring, as well as a means silver signet ring. In addition, practical advice and a lot of interesting things await you. You will find out on which finger to wear the signet for a man and a lot of other useful information.

What Is the Difference between a Men’s Signet and a Signet Ring or Ring?

where to buy signet rings

Before we start choosing a signet and start telling you how to buy a man’s signet correctly, let’s understand the terms so that there is no confusion. What is the difference between a ring and a signet? Their insignia rings. A ring and a signet, are they the same thing? All this you should know when you go to the store for men’s famous signet rings.

  • Men’s family crest rings is a piece of jewelry that looks like a metal ring. Rings are worn on the fingers as a symbol of marriage or simply as a decoration. The ring can be either smooth (with an engraved inscription or without anything at all) or with a stone. The varieties of rings are signet rings and men’s signet rings.
  • Men’s signet rings with stones – a ring with a semi-precious or precious stone.
  • The signet is a ring that does not have a stone. The seal can have a massive upper part, a platform on which the inscription is applied, the initials of the owner, a coat of arms, or a drawing. But the signet can in no way be decorated with, say, a diamond! Men’s seals with stones are not seals, but rings.

Now you know the difference between signet ring designs.

Men’s Signature Rings Origin Story

The history of male seals originates in … Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt! In Mesopotamia, men’s signet rings were a symbol of power and the high social status of the person wearing them. Seals were used to seal (hence the name) messages, and they also put an imprint on important documents, thereby certifying them. Men’s signet rings were worn around the neck, threading them into a lace, or on the finger.

In addition, in Ancient Egypt, gents’ signet rings acquired a special occult role, protecting their owners (according to Egyptian beliefs) from evil spirits. The seals were decorated with special symbols and precious stones. A man who wore the Italian signet ring acquired a special status, it was clearly not an ordinary person.

In the Middle Ages, oversized men’s rings made of silver or gold served as a kind of personal signature. The nobles wore men’s seals, on the upper side of which their personal coat of arms was engraved. The coat of arms was applied to the ring in a mirror image so that the print was obtained in a direct image. The official seal on a gold male seal was applied either directly to the metal surface of the ring, or to the surface of a semi-precious stone (such as amethyst).

Kings, dukes, and earls, if necessary to seal a letter or certify an important document, held a ring over the candlelight and put an imprint of a gold seal on the sealing wax.

Nowadays, men’s signet pinky rings have lost the function of “personal signature”, although they can still be used for their intended purpose. Nevertheless, even today men’s jewelry seals (for example, made of 585 gold) are an important attribute of a modern man, emphasizing his style and status, just like a chic car like a Mercedes.

Benefits of Wearing a Ring

mens signet rings with stones


Well, what can you say? Men’s gold seals in 2014 are as popular as they were a thousand years ago. Gold seals have always been and will be a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and the high social status of their owner. Wearing a gold male signet on your finger, you seem to say to others: “I am a rich and influential man!” Even in ancient times, gold seals were a sign of noble birth, wealth, and power!

Expensive, but also very beautiful jewelry men’s seals are made using special types of gold, such as white and pink gold. Platinum inserts may also be present.

If you decide to buy a gold men’s signet, do it only in reputable jewelry stores. A fake can become not only a waste of money but also pose a danger to your health! Also, consider your style – not all men go with gold jewelry, perhaps you should take a closer look at a silver ring.


Another extremely worthy and ever-fashionable option is silver seals for men. Silver is also a precious metal, albeit less expensive than gold. Therefore, in ancient times, sterling silver signet ring men’s were also worn by many noble and famous people (if you are fond of painting, you can probably recall several examples when a count, cardinal, or king with a silver seal is depicted on the canvas).

The silver men’s signet is a symbol of strength, leadership, and uncommonness. It will suit a person with a delicate taste, it will look elegant and restrained on the hand. If you are wearing a business suit, then the silver signet will perfectly match with silver cuff links, dark jacket fabric, steel watch case, and steel belt buckle.

In addition, men’s crest ring has the healing properties of this noble metal (or so they say). And do not forget that you can buy a silver men’s signet inexpensively and save money, for example, on a good watch.


And, in conclusion, a few words about men’s steel seals. This is the most affordable and budget option. You can buy men’s seals made of steel (or other non-precious metal, for example, men’s seals made of titanium or tungsten) at any online store of men’s seals. And buy for a very modest amount!

At the same time, men’s seals made of steel are very diverse, and it is possible to choose a seal with almost any design. The only thing – be careful when buying a steel man’s signet. It should be just high-quality stainless steel and not some dangerous alloy made by Chinese “craftsmen”, from which your skin will go with spots and bubbles!

Men’s seals made from other materials – platinum, titanium, tungsten, ceramics, leather – are less common, and therefore we will not consider them here. The main thing is to measure your budget against the price of a man’s seal, which you liked, and before buying a seal, be sure to try it on – does it look good? In this case, the shape of the seal must also be taken into account.
Now you know where to buy signet rings and a lot of other interesting information about men’s rings, thanks to our article that we have prepared with the team for you.

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