Men’s Suit Colors for Different Occasions: Choose the Best Colors for You!

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Buying a good suit is quite an expensive purchase, isn’t it? Making a decision can become more and more difficult given the texture, patterns, and especially men’s suit color combinations. Many people can simply choose the wrong color, as after that they would feel uncomfortable in the chosen suit. To avoid this, it is better to understand current trends and what color suits you. Today we will show you the men’s suit color guide, which you can use every time you choose the right suit for you.

Trending Men’s Suit Colors

Below are the top men’s suit colors that will be relevant for the next 1-2 years for sure. You can choose any of them, taking into account the fact that the suit will serve you for several seasons for sure. Let’s look at each of the colors separately:

Blue Suit

top men's suit colors

The blue suits are quite attractive and are just perfect. Such men suit color is the most popular color for interviews. Of course, many colors would look beautiful on any man, but only except for bright and poisonous yellow, red, and pink. Every man of every skin tone, hair color, and body type can find the perfect blue jacket color for him. But its most popular shade is considered to be a dark blue universal color. It can be worn always for all holidays, with various patterns and interesting jacket styles, and always this color would look advantageous. We think you would also agree with us that this color would be more demanding than the classic black.

Tan Suit

trending mens suit colors

This color is suitable for events during the spring and summer months. If your skin tone is dark, you would look great in this suit. Beige suits belong to the business casual category and, in combination with dark brown boots, look just great on their owner. This is one of the most popular suit colors.

It can be perfectly combined with light shirts of various delicate shades (it is important that they aren’t too bright, but don’t blend. In addition, you can wear it under a black or brown classic coat, a trench coat, or a warm jacket, which would perfectly complement your stylish look.

Gray Suit

men's suit color combinations

There are many shades of gray suits available on the market, but dark gray, medium gray, and light gray are the most versatile gray suits. Gray is the color of elegance, experience, and balance. Charcoal suits don’t always go well with a black shirt, so avoid this pairing. Gray suits are easy to match and go with a wide range of colors, which means you are entitled to a wide range of ties and shirts. It’s good for work, weddings, and pretty much any formal occasion you can think of.

A medium gray suit, on the other hand, is much easier to use than a dark gray suit, which is often considered black by many. But it is still important to distinguish these shades from each other because they can have a different purpose and combination with other colors. Light gray is lighter than others and has a casual appeal that sets it apart from the drab colors.

Black Suit

men's suit color guide

Many people say that this color isn’t as popular as dark blue, but still, some people remain fans of black suits. This is the “right” color for both formal and formal occasions. It perfectly suits the skin tone of many and fashion experts believe that it looks better on dark men. We can guarantee that it will go well with solid colors such as white, blue, and red. A black suit is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. It is important to note that it would be appropriate in the colder season. In hot weather, choose lighter colors, or gray.

Green Suit

men's Wearhouse suit colors

The color of nature is green. It conveys a feeling of calmness, balance, and confidence. A green suit can be an alternative to a gray suit. They are perfect for any important meetings and occasions that can only happen in your life. It is best to choose dark shades for the period from autumn to early spring. During this period, this color would be especially relevant. By the way, don’t be afraid to pair this with colors like black, red, and purple, they would create a great look for you.

But brighter and lighter colors are just right for warm weather. In addition, light colors provide opportunities for shirts and accessories (tie, scarf).

Brown Suit

trending men's suit colors

And last, but not least on our list is the brown suit. Suits of this color are noticeable and distinguish their wearer from the crowd. Swarthy men look best in them, but men with fair skin tones also often choose them for various events. It can also be worn to work, formal occasions, dates, and other formal or informal gatherings. Most fashion experts believe that this color is associated with sophistication, but at the same time gives the image a casual look.

Tips for Choosing the Best Suit Colors for Men

In addition to what you need to know about the current and fashionable colors for this year, it is also important to choose the right shade for yourself. Surely even if you choose the most fashionable colors and the coolest style of the suit, it would look strange on you if this isn’t your color. Here are some tips to help you find the right men’s suit colors for different occasions:

  1. Your skin tone. If you have a fairly light skin tone, don’t choose suits that are too pale or too light. Otherwise, you would merge with them and won’t look attractive. Choose rich colors, perhaps give preference to dark suits. If you are the owner of a darker skin tone, then you can choose for yourself both light and dark colors for the jacket. The main thing is to have a balance. When choosing light tones, use dark accessories, or vice versa.
  2. The color of your hair. This applies to owners of blond hair. Perhaps many won’t consider this a significant sign, but still, it plays an important role. If you have light brown hair, then a sand-colored suit is unlikely to suit you. But if you have dark hair, then everything becomes a little easier, and you can miss this criterion.
  3. The color of your accessories. The accessories must go well with the tone of the suit. After all, otherwise, you get an incomprehensible mess. If you’re wearing gold and brown accessories, choose warm colors for your suit. If silver or platinum, respectively, cold shades. If you are a fan of multicolored jewelry, then choose colors from the same color range, or so that they just blend well.
  4. Place, occasion, and weather. As we have already noted, in warmer seasons it is worth wearing light-colored suits. But if you are attending the office or formal meetings, then you can easily choose something darker. For a date, choose not too strict tones and styles of suits, which also applies to parties.
  5. Desired character. If you want to give the impression of an important, stylish, and self-confident man, then choose dark shades in preference. And if, on the contrary, you want to stand out and decorate the gray everyday life with your good mood, then don’t be afraid to wear something brighter or lighter.

We think you agree that these are the most popular men’s suit colors for the next year for sure. Use them for all your most important events. Everything that we have indicated is also in men’s Wearhouse suit colors. So you can easily find the right color and suit just for you. Don’t forget about our tips, which would surely influence the final choice of the color of your future costume. We are sure that when you choose the right clothes, it would be difficult to look away from you!

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