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Men’s Toys. 15 Fitness Apps of 2020

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Do you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass? Run a marathon or test yourself on a bike ride? Or did you just decide to start monitoring your diet and exercise throughout the day? A handy fitness app comes in handy to achieve all of these goals. We’ve picked the best training apps options from the App Store and Google Play.

Sports and health apps don’t just help you to track progress. They can also give you a lot of motivation, suggest healthy recipes, an effective workout program, and even an online, trainer follow-up on your technique. And today it is completely impossible to imagine a healthy lifestyle and workouts for men without such tools as a calorie calculator or a fitness tracker.

Best Men’s Fitness App

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The program combines advice on sports and nutrition. There are videos of exercises, tools for making a shopping list, and menus. And also many individual settings.

With 8fit, you can create a personalized plan for any purpose: losing weight, gaining weight, drying. Setting an exact goal will allow you to get the most specific recommendations and understand how long it will take to implement it.

Nike Training Club

Selects personalized training plans for athletes of all skill levels. You can train as much as you like, from 30 minutes to a whole hour. You just need to repeat after professional instructors who clearly show every movement and give advice on how to achieve greater efficiency. And for true fans of the Nike brand, there is an online store.

SHRED: Gym & Home Workout

A great fitness app for men for workouts in the gym “wear and tear”. Selects an individual exercise program of any type: strength, cardio, etc. The only negative thing is that it is only for iOS owners.

Keelo – Strength HIIT Workouts WOD at Home & Gym

Great men’s health app for HIIT workout lovers. You can use a heart rate sensor to track your heart rate. Before starting a new interval session, take a look at the preview to decide if it suits you.


An interactive platform for best training apps and fitness lovers. Stream your classes live or join other users. In the description of the broadcasts, you will find all the details, from the duration to the required inventory. Therefore, choosing a workout for your taste and endurance will not be difficult.

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

mans toys

Fast sessions of 7 minutes are the main feature of this program. They are suitable for all skill levels. There are also long sets – if you need more load. To get in shape, you don’t need anything other than a chair and your weight.

This best workout app for men has a timer with sound signals, demonstrates videos with the correct technique, and synchronizes with your phone’s player – so you can practice to your favorite tracks.


A handy best workout tracker app for beginners. Will record all activity for the day and show statistics. The paid version has more specialized tools like heart rate counting. The app syncs with many smart bracelets and watches.

Fitbit Coach

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Workouts can be done anytime, anywhere. These include various exercises: stretching, pilates, step, and others. However, the free version is not very rich in variety, unlike the premium plan.


Strength training for different muscle groups. It is easy to track your statistics and create a calendar of classes and one of the best workout apps for men. The paid version is not only completely free of ads but also offers detailed videos and goal settings.

Noom: Health & Weight

Helps to lose weight quickly and not only. In addition to tracking nutrition, Noom offers interesting, accessible articles on how to lose weight and improve your diet. Interactive chatbots will not let you get bored.

You can get advice, a boost of motivation, or take a quiz to test yourself. The paid version is quite expensive. But if you register through the app’s website, you get a two-week trial subscription. It’s the best workout apps for men.


Live training broadcasts from around the world. Enroll in a class and attend scheduled online classes which make it the best app to make a workout schedule. Or practice with pre-recorded materials.

All possible types of workouts are collected here, from kickboxing to yoga. If you want a professional trainer commenting on your technique, turn on the camera on your smartphone or PC during the lesson. But this is optional. Openfit is the optimal solution for those who like live sessions, but cannot go to the gym yet.

Mi Fit

best free personal trainer apps

It will help to track activity, analyze the quality of sleep, and get a boost of motivation. And also quickly get in shape – thanks to a wide variety of video tutorials. The best workout tracking apps.


One of the best calorie counting software. With the help of a handy calculator, you can easily calculate how many calories you need to eat per day to achieve your goal.

And if you record all the foods you eat and your physical activity during the day, you can track your progress. MyFitnessPal has a big product base. It is possible to add your options to it. The app offers recipes and tips on how to improve your diet.


Music for your sports activities. Choose songs by genre or customize the selection by the tempo of the exercises. The app tracks the rhythm of your heart rate and steps, then finds tracks that exactly match them. A huge variety of artists will allow you to collect your perfect playlist to make the best workout apps for men.


Popular application from blogger Cassey Ho is filled up with effective exercises, simple healthy recipes, and positives. A bright athletic girl will motivate you to train to your last strength. And if you subscribe to the premium, you will receive additional materials and a training calendar.

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