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Menswear Fashion Designers: The Most Famous Men Fashion Brands in All the World

menswear fashion designers

In This Article, We Decided to Tell You about the 50 Best Brands Menswear Fashion Designers.

TOP-50 Men Brands


This Italian men’s designer brand has several affordable lines offering luxury clothing at affordable prices.

French Brand Lacoste Is Included in Men’s High Fashion

Most of the brand’s items are made in a sporty style from natural materials that are pleasant to the body.

Calvin Klein

Popular American top brand for men, famous primarily for its unique and inimitable unisex style. There is nothing superfluous in men’s clothes from the brand, they are comfortable, practical, and laconic.


mens designer brand

The famous British brand of men fashions designers with a worldwide reputation, famous for its check print. Men who love haute couture are likely to have a plaid shirt from this brand. The assortment is also rich in various trousers, T-shirts, outerwear, and accessories.

Michael Kors

Elite clothes with men’s designer labels of this brand are heard by many men and women. The main features of clothing for men from this brand are restrained elegance, minimalism, comfort, and uniquely American style.

Ralph Lauren is one of the luxury men’s clothing brands

Surely, many men are familiar with the best quality polo shirts and T-shirts from this brand. The recognizable all over the world badge with a rider on a horse and a club often symbolizes excellent quality and excellent taste. In the assortment of this, you can find luxury trousers and jeans, often at quite affordable prices.

Moschino: Luxury Menswear

Italian men’s clothing from this brand goes beyond the classics, there are always special bright accents and non-trivial prints in it. We recommend you pay attention to sportswear from Moschino, including jackets and joggers.

Tommy Hilfiger

The original American luxury clothing for men from this brand appeals to many Western stars and ordinary people who like to dress tastefully, expressing their style through original clothes. In this one of the expensive men’s brands, there is everything from shirts and trendy sweaters to jeans of a wide variety of cuts and styles, not to mention a huge number of accessories.


mens high fashion

A popular German brand, whose clothes are purchased not only by athletes but also by lovers of comfortable clothes in everyday life. An affordable price segment, a wide selection of varied collections, and a variety of models cannot but attract customers to the brand’s windows again and again.

Puma: Men’s Luxury Brands

Also, a brand familiar to many from Germany, offering a wide variety of sportswear. Many people like him for his affordable prices and his high-tech and responsible approach to creating things. If a brand promises a waterproof jacket, it really will be waterproof.


In the men’s line of this brand top men fashion designers, they produce excellent modern things. The brand is best known for its high-quality jeans, but T-shirts and outerwear are equally popular.

Zara Is a Luxury Men’s Fashion

Men’s clothing from this brand is represented by a wide variety of everyday items, including T-shirts, T-shirts, pants, and suits.

H & M

Also, for sure, many are familiar with the H&M brand, in which you can find good men’s basic things for work and home.


Polish brand Reserved, offering excellent mass-market items for men and women at very affordable prices. This firm is one of the best menswear designer brands.

Jack Victor

top brand for men

The Jack Victor brand is known all over the world and thanks in large part to the use of the finest wool and materials.

Dolce and Gabbana Is One of the Best Men’s Luxuries Brands

The world’s leading brand D&G was founded by a pair of talented Italian designers over 30 years ago. The high quality of materials and perfect fit allowed the brand to “make” a name in the fashion industry.


The Ravazzolo brand is included in the menswear brands and is renowned for the high quality and unrivaled style of the models. All costumes are sewn according to unique patterns using hand-made work, with special attention to detail.


The brand is known for bold textures, creating contrasts and vintage costume designs, and most of the company’s fabrics are made from natural fibers.


men fashion designers

Every year, Gucci designers present collections that combine the latest trends in the fashion industry with classic Italian fabrics and style.


Champion is one of the popular men’s designer clothes brands sportswear that revolutionized the world of style.

Prada: Expensive Men’s Clothing Brands

This brand specializes in the production of suitcases, bags, outerwear. You can find almost everything in the assortment.

Oscar De La Renta Is Also Included in the Men’s Clothes Brands List

This brand occupies a leading position in the fashion world. Today, many famous people and famous politicians dress up when buying a wardrobe from this fashion house. It is unlikely that any major celebration could take place without the ceremonial outfits of this brand.


It was possible to see clothes with the emblem of this world brand for the first time in 1978. One of the popular men’s clothing designer names: Gianni Versace. His clothes are used by many artists and people who are often in public. Models differ in luxurious appearance, sophistication, sexuality.


The store sells casual men’s clothing – suits and shirts in standard sizes.

Guy Laroche – a Piece of France In Your Wardrobe

luxury mens clothing brands

In everything related to clothing, accessories, jewelry, and fragrances, the world of Guy Laroche prefers traditional French values: elegance, seduction, originality, creativity, and sophistication.

Eduard Dressler

He has been making menswear for over 70 years. His assortment includes a large selection of outerwear, ties, belts, and pocket squares.

Ragman – the Slogan of This German Company Is I’m Free.

This fashion brand specializes in the production of T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, and jackets – modern high quality, and probably the most comfortable clothing.


Marvelis is a new brand introduced to us by the world leader, the famous German concern Olymp. Marvelous specializes in the production of men’s shirts that do not require ironing.


It is another well-known German men’s brand.

Van Laack

expensive mens brands

It is a German brand with a century of history. Its founder, Heinrich Van Laak, made his dream come true – to create clothes that would emphasize the personality of its owner.

Camp David

It is a young German brand that produces fashionable menswear in casual style.

Feraud Is One of the Most Prestigious High-End Men’s Clothes Brands, World-Famous High Fashion Brands

mens luxury brands

Having clothes from Feraud means emphasizing not only your brilliant taste but also your high social status. This is a brand that can dress you from head to toe, stylishly and artistically highlighting your personality.


The rather large, red fabric keychain with the warning “Remove Before Flight” is familiar to people who work in aviation. After a while, the tape, which initially signaled the need to remove the keychain, turned into a hallmark of the American brand Alpha Industries. The company is engaged in the development and sewing of military-style clothing.


Barbour is a combination of high style and modern technology that allows you not to worry about the weather or changing fashion. Barbour is a living history that continues today, delighting us with innovation and new feats.


The first Bogner products were born in a small workshop in the backyard of a house in Munich; now, original, high-quality, and popular sportswear is produced under its logo. Bogner combines a love for sports, functionality, and fashion trends with exclusivity and top quality.

Bugatti Can Be Considered as an Exclusive Menswear

quality menswear

Today, few people are chasing cheapness. Many people want to improve the quality of their lives, so they choose clothes and shoes from well-known brands. One of the most demanded today is Bugatti. Tradition, innovation, a large assortment, and the embodiment of new ideas are the basis for the success of the German manufacturer.


Diesel is an international design company from Italy, a manufacturer of fashionable clothes, watches and a number of other goods.


Gardeur is a German brand for the production of men’s and women’s clothing, the main specialization of which is high quality trousers and jeans, with excellent design and excellent fit.


Kappa is the largest Italian manufacturer of sportswear, which began its activities more than 100 years ago. The brand logo adorns the uniforms of many football clubs since the TM of the same name is a supplier of football equipment all over the world.


Reebok is a sportswear, footwear, and accessories manufacturer founded in 1958 in England. Part of the Adidas group of companies, the brand is loved for its iconic white leather sneakers and is respected in every gym.


Timberland is an American brand founded in 1952. It is one of the most renowned manufacturers of work boots, a renowned master of hiking and casual footwear.


The small English town of Wilmslow, located south of Manchester, would never have become so famous if the Humphries brothers had not settled there. They opened the Humphreys Brothers sportswear brand in 1924. As a result, she became a symbol of football equipment called Umbro. The game was gaining popularity at that time and with it a new brand.

Van Laack

The van Laack brand is a tradition of the highest quality. The basics of van Laack’s production have changed little since the founding of van Laack back in 1881. It is still a bet on noble natural fabrics and handicraft.

Tiger of Sweden

Tiger Of Sweden is a world-famous Swedish company that manufactures and markets fashionable clothing on the international market. In addition, the brand manufactures denim clothing, fashion shoes, bags, sunglasses, and a host of other accessories.

Tom Tailor

Tom Tailor- a German company, producing comfortable sportswear for men and women.


Strellson – elegant clothes, shoes, accessories, underwear, and perfumes for successful men from the Swiss label.

Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin brand appeared in 1950 when its creator Pierre Cardin decided to work alone and opened his own fashion house in Paris. Three years later, the designer presents his first collection and moves to the rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré – the center of the fashion world!


Mustang is one of the oldest brands in Europe. It is the first non-American denim company.

Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans, a youth clothing brand, appeared in 1973 in London. The idea of its creation belongs to Nitin Shah, who served as a traveling salesman at one of the garment factories.

Marc O’Polo

mens designer labels

Marc O’Polo is a well-known brand that specializes in the production and sale of quality casual clothing. The company is among the twenty best labels in its market segment.


LLOYD is premium men’s and women’s footwear. Thanks to constant development and improvement, the company has maintained a high-quality standard for its products for 125 years.

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