Discover the World of Vampires Together With the Mercedes’s G-Class Car

Mercedes Benz

For over 40 years, the G-Class has defied any short-term trend. It is truly stronger than time, and Mercedes-Benz is highlighting this unique durability with a new ad campaign featuring the Immortal Love mini-movie.

The 8-minute video plays with the idea that a car with amazing endurance deserves drivers to live forever. Immortal Love is a cinematic journey into the fantasy universe of under-death creatures- the world of vampires. The film debuted yesterday, on Valentine’s Day.

Along with the new campaign, Mercedes-Benz has opened a new exclusive meeting and experience venue for the growing G-Class community around the world: the G-Class Private Lounge. All G enthusiasts can now share their passion with each other. In the digital space, they can get a glimpse of everything about the SUV as well as the new campaign. They will also find direct contact with G-Class experts and invitations to events.

Mercedes’s G-Class Car

The film illustrates the conflict between two worlds that cannot be different. And it shows the love that bridges this gap between them. This motif is staged as a modern interpretation of the story of Romeo and Juliet. The main role in the mini-movie was played by the singer Rimon.

Mercedes Vampires
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