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Michael Adams from “Michael 84”

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What kind of fragrance should I buy? Should I wear slides and socks? What kind of T-Shirt is better? And many more other questions you may find in a“Michael 84” blog.

Michael Adams is welcoming in his blog! He is a men’s fashion, lifestyle blogger. Fashion blogger from the UK. You will find everything about fashion, from street style to high-level brands. During his blogging journey, he wrote 100 tips to help guys look better and stylish.

His blogging trip began in 2008, “Michael 84” is about a personal point of view and reviewing magazines that were rare back in those days and stayed till now.

Visiting his blog, you face important categories that are very important in man’s life. Fashion, Lifestyle, Grooming, Fragrance, and Travel.

In the section “Fashion” you find the latest style and fashion news about how to dress up on certain occasions, and what to wear from the high street to high end in the collection. Sportswear, casual, T-shirts, shoes and so on you can check and pick something for your taste.

The “Lifestyle” is all about guys’ stuff: technologies, cars, TV, music even a visual guide to every world cup football.

“Beauty” daily routine, skincare, hair, and keeping fresh all-time – check the section “Grooming”.

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If you need to find the perfect fragrance, a brand you need to read reviews in the “Fragrance” section. You will enjoy it!

Holiday advise, personal travel stories, inspiration, what will be a better outfit in your journey. This all you will find in the “Travel” section. Find more about Michaels Adams’s voyages in such places as Stockholm, Copenhagen, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Reykjavik, London.

And, of course, the “Daily” section where you can find the latest news, information, and preview of his other articles in fashion, lifestyle, travel, and so on.

Michael Adams writes useful, inspirational information, simple, brief reviews, modern news, articles, and share his experience that is also a huge benefit of his blog. It’s great to read about somebody who has some experience and interesting thoughts!

His blog is very usable. You come here, find everything you need – so well organized and clear. So, what do you think, should you wear slides and socks? Definitely, in no other circumstances, no matter what happens in the universe, never do this!

Find other tips, advice, latest information in the “Michael 84” blog. Enjoy and stay in fashion and the latest newbies!

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