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Michael Jordan Goes to Web3 Through the Athlete Application, Using the Blockchain

Michael Jordan Web3

The popular American basketball player Michael Jordan teamed up with his son, Jeffrey Jordan, to create a special platform for the sportsmen and their fans. From this point, everyone will get the opportunity to be closer to his icon.

It turned out much harder to develop than it was seen at the very beginning.

The big company named Heir inc. is oriented to allow athletes’ followers to communicate with them via web3. This is a unique concept focused on the development of Internet technologies through the use of blockchain.

Also, as the creative department describes, the fans and the public figures will be able to contact each other due to the Huddles, which will give all the hidden information, exactly the videos only for users and much more materials. The application plans to be launched in 2022.

The Jumpman will run all the technical processes and solve the arisen questions. But there is no official information that he will be presented on the platform.

We think it is a very successful start-up. Many people are ready to pay a lot of money to become closer to their favorites. In the era of digitalization, when there is no place for human relationships and love, it is so important not to lose it all. And how much young people will be inspired by famous personalities. Isn’t it wonderful?

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