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Microsoft Unveils a Blue Controller for Xbox Consoles That Will Arrive in September

Microsoft Unveils a Blue Controller for Xbox Consoles

Microsoft has announced a limited edition controller for the Xbox Series X / S called Aqua Shift. The gamepad is made in light blue color with darker blue buttons. The limited-edition differs not only in color but also in the features of the coating. The front panel shimmers are designed with a blue glow, and the rubberized handles have a pattern of abstract lines in two colors. In addition, the Aqua Shift triggers, bumpers, and rear panel have been specially textured to enhance the tactile feel.

Microsoft noted that this is the first time such a design is used in the Special Edition line of gamepads. The new Xbox Controller is the seventh in the updated line of Xbox controllers. Gamepads in white and black, as well as blue-white, red-white, yellow-white, and red and gray, were previously released. In June, Microsoft also brought back the Xbox Design Lab, a service that lets you customize your gamepad to your personal preference.

In the US, the Controller will cost 69.99 dollars and will be available for purchase starting from August 31st.

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