American Boxer Mike Tyson Again Got Into Trouble, Got Into Fight on the Plane

mike tyson fight on the plane

The former world boxing champion Mike Tyson could not fly from San Francisco to Florida. The man got into a fight on the plane. Many passengers recognized the celebrity and he was glad to take a photo with each of them but one passenger still managed to infuriate the boxer. He rudely forced a conversation and the champion could not stand to endure it.

mike tyson hit the passenger on the plane

After several attempts to calm down the impudent passenger, Mike smashed his face. Then he left the plane. The injured was given medical attention, after which he contacted the police. Someone posted the video of the beating on the Internet, on which it is clearly visible how the young man pestered the 55-year-old boxer.

Recently, the sportsman commented that he wants to see the fight between Olexander Usyk and former champion Deontay Wilder. 55-year-old Tyson is confident that the British heavyweight can win a fight against the undefeated Ukrainian only by wearing him out. Tyson mentioned that he shouldn’t be boxing this guy, he needs to make him fall off his feet.

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