The Firefighters Successfully Extinguished the Fire on the Mile High Stadium

mile high stadium fire

Empire Field at Mile High tweeted that there was a fire started at a construction site near the East Club lobby at Empower Field on Mile High. Denver Fire has successfully extinguished it. The current part of the stadium was quickly evacuated, so there is no one injured.

Some photos were posted on social networks by the fire department. They reflect the great flames destroying the seats and the city’s main stadium shrouded by the thick black smoke. The net shot is the second wave of smoke when the firefighters hit the fire with water.

mile high stadium in fire

The representative of the Denver Fire Department said that it was a major fire. As a result of an accident, at least 1,000 square feet burned down.

Sprinklers made efforts to stop the fire, but the firemen had to complete the firefighting. Heavy air, thick smoke was detected when the rescue team arrived.

So, what do you think about the situation? Have you ever experienced a fire in your life? Leave your comments below the article!

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